Saturday, 16 January 2016

"My Karen Mae"

"My Karen Mae"

Partially inspired and based from the song "China Girl"
By the late great David Bowie

Whoa-oh-oh-oh... with my Karen Mae...
Whoa-oh-oh-oh... with my Karen Mae...

I could not resist the feeling, with my Karen Mae
I feel no guilt from dawn till evening, with my Karen Mae
My heart hastily beating, and loud as thunder
Yet I felt so numbing

I'm a mess without my Karen Mae
From KnL to Maguinhawa, where's my Karen Mae?
My heart hastily beating, and loud as thunder
Yet my mind's gone crashing down

I'm feel like a tragic guy, like few years ago
Until I had met my Karen Mae
I could have felt that I am successful as such
When I'm with my Karen Mae

I stumble into town coming from the unknown
Visions of scarlet red flags in my head
With plans for everyone
It's in my almost barren mind

O my Karen Mae
Do you remember everything
Got massaged at your aching back?
I gave you swiss chocolates
I gave you cute oranges
And last new year you gave me a hug and a cheek smack?

And when I get excited
My Karen Mae says:
"Eh? Why not just zip your mouth?"
And She says...shhhhhh....

And she says...shhhhhh...

Well, it all started when this person listened to the song back few days ago. And it somehow quite recalling the girl whom this person had made about her in this blogsite if not made poems inspired from her "wit-tempered beauty".

However, that version of "China Girl" was based from this person's interactions with her last December. Quite recalling though as he listened to that song as well as looking at some of her pictures showing her "wit-tempered beauty" and looked back at the time this person enjoyed being with her as a friend and colleague in the Kulturkampf, criticising today's culture and trying to jam it if possible with ideas.

Sorry to use Bowie's, but to think that David Bowie has made some feel good songs, and one of which is worth compelling to create a version that is based from this person's inspiration and the days he interacted with her. After all, the song "China Girl" itself was allegedly inspired by Iggy Pop's infatuation with Kuelan Nguyen, a beautiful Vietnamese woman, while the video featuring Bowie and Geeling Ching eventually had a brief relationship.

And this person? Just been inspired, compelled by the music of a legend and the times with his friend. What else? A tribute from a one's listener. That's all.