Thursday, 25 February 2016

"The clarion of People's War"

"The clarion of People's War"

Your pleasant voice is calling me 
Coming from the darkness breaking the silence
It opens the gates through which I will leave
From the comforts of which I used to

The call of the past calls me to fight
The cries of the future calls me to respond
The way paintings and pictures
Realities and promises abound
Of fields and forests everyone once adored
Has been given to greedy hordes
Their words like "prosperity" has fooled everyone
While their thugs brought one by one in cold blood
Their cries is calling me, and I won't calm down
Until I feel the smell of their blood
And the Cringing reality

The moon whispers about thy darkness
The stars are leading me towards the survivors
Once weak yet bound together gathered strength
Carrying their weapons cursing on the wretched order
Through theirs I see an unseen power
Praised by the unshackled people
Putting death on their enemies and freedom for the victims
With the latter spit in the once-proud foes now heads lay low
Let them choke with their lies once babbled in TV and radios
Social media sites trying to justify their terror
Let the woods grow up on their corpses
Let their blood fertilise freedom:
For their land, 
for their welfare, 
for their lives, 
for their revolutionary traditions,
passed from generation to generation

It is the real people's power
Unlike what the system babbles
True it may be the pictures
Of major street actions years ago
The clamours of the present may have taken the streets
But the clamours to assert the future has taken the fields and forests
A justice for the land
For it is worth called 'ours'
The way rivers have been flowing
Together with our blood for ages
The trees to the grasses
Has grown from the fields of our killed comrades
So are the rice and the communities built
From the backs of our people

Stay with us my friend!
Says the avenging people
Let the blood express, boil up with our hatred
Against the system, against those who put hell on us
Let every step on our land turn for their damnation
As they retreat from their operation, from their station
A revenge for the martyred comrades, to those of innocents
And to a land cherished now infested by worms
Whose mission is repression called "parasitism"

Let the struggle intensify us
For this war is sacred: PEOPLES WAR!