Saturday, 26 March 2016

"Memories of the old Santa Ana Park"

"Memories of the old Santa Ana Park"

(Or how this person again recalled the late, great Santa Ana Park
after seeing some pictures)

 photo sta.jpg
Source: Waldenstrom

Seems more of a revisit, especially that all after seeing some existing pictures of that once recognised place in Makati-Manila area, and a brief recall of that place's existence after being replaced years ago by a commercial complex owned by the Ayala, this person is ought to say that despite being named as "Circuit Makati" with all of its modern features, it will always be remembered by the old, and the old at heart, as Santa Ana Park of the Philippine Racing Club Inc.

source: NickAris

Founded during the American period to counter the Manila Jockey Club, the Philippine Racing Club, along with the Santa Ana Cabaret, served as a venue for then upper-and-middle class Filipinos and Americans to enjoy horse racing just like its Spanish-controlled counterpart at the former San Lazaro Hippodrome.

Source: NickAris
Source: NickAris

And perhaps, with its architecture, it somehow reflects the "peace time" period, that if given chance, some of which be preserved while the rest paved way to development, knowing that to some people, the Ayalas has been known for preserving heritage the way it kept its illustrous name for generations.

Sadly, the entire place was demolished few years ago, and instead would see new buildings being set up, as well as having events gone through that place. However, few photographers like NickAris, Waldenstrom, and others, had afforded to take some pictures on that place prior to its demolition, and one said that those pictures were all but memories of a past, wherein a part of Sta. Ana, Manila was known for its race track, of having People who knows nothing but to bet their money and live their life in and out of the racing park, a legacy of what once was.