Wednesday, 16 March 2016

"The Banquet"

"The Banquet"

All is but dark at first
Till the moon in its glow came
In a once somewhat sacred place
Of oak trees wherein once faeries came
If not Toadstools where Elves once sat

I feel the sensation
As I enter the garden's gates
Whose field is full of red roses
And white lilies

With the moon and stars as lights
Enough to light your garden path
A table has been prepared for you
Followed by a lovely candelabrum
Whose newly-lit light sheds upon us

And as I wait to see you
Between left and right
You approach from the same way as I
In your beauteous garment

And its surroundings as if casts a chant, and says:
"Come oh Bride! Come oh Bride!"
"My moonlight maiden, my joy and delight!"
With songs enough to fill the day
Followed by various food and wine.

For your presence shows the love been fulfilled
Just like stories from the past been told
And with your kiss comes a warmth amidst cold
And a part of hope that soon be realised.