Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The "Diwata" as an example of a Panday Pira legacy

The "Diwata" as an example of a Panday Pira legacy

The launch of the satellite Diwata is itself a Panday Pira spirit rising.

Like the craftsman-cannoneer's dream of a self-reliant homeland, the launch of the Diwata satellite represents the Filipino's revisit towards science, technology, industry, and even a semblance self-reliance. 

Compared to Aguila I and II which was bought by Filipino-owned or controlled telecommunications companies than made by Filipinos, the launch of the first Filipino made, or perhaps, assembled, satellite meant more than a pride, but also a memory enough to be remembered in history books the way some people remember Panday Pira made his cannons, or how the Moros made their well known Lantaka, showing how the pre-Hispanic Filipinos also dealt with scientific wonders including the use of gunpowder, enough to counter the outsider's slander.

But sadly, in the end, like having some putting interest on Antonio Luna, people care less about Diwata, Aguila, or even Panday Pira and his Lantaka. 

For they are preoccupied with famous artists in showbusiness, if not the tasteless debates that end a target of memes and various bullshits.