Sunday, 24 April 2016

"Of Robots in half-full and half-empty stomachs"

"Of robots in half-full and half-empty stomachs"

If one may ask, that if they really clamour for change in leadership, what more of the system?

If they afforded to assert change in a "satisfying status quo" yet marred by corruption and various social problems, haven't they noticed that everything around is taken over by markets?

In a way parks and agoras been replaced by malls and shopping centers, so is politics that has replaced by consumerism if not hearing sensible complaints being replaced by crappy rants. Such realities as observed by the concerned would say that the "advancing society" brought by massive influx of cheap foreign goods has made most people forgot ideals, if not reducing social issues into mere matters as if "only an individual initiative can do it".

And if that's the case, given some, if not all the conditions, then modern day society has been consists of almost conscienceless beings, of robots in half-full/half empty stomachs. Driven by the cycle and directed by the system, it is noticeable to think that people are commonly searching for unlimited happiness and be distracted by the reality, that they disregard the truth if not reducing it into series of facts that instead of being discoursed, heckled throughout the day, week, month as long as it is worth playable in social media sites.

Quite strange so to speak, that since people having partial consciousness as if afforded to babble words that most of the time can't even dare to say. Words like "patriotism" may've been pleased the ears of those truly seeking change, but on the other hand, what kind of "patriotism" does these people afforded to babble? Is it as hardcore as those who truly yearned for social patriotism and the emancipation of one's homeland from its centuries-old dependency on foreign powers? Or as shallow as those who treated patriotism as mere t-shirt that pleases the tourist? Promises coming from various politicians, ranging from those of "peace and order", "economic development", to those of "social welfare" may've pleased the people, but on the other hand, how come they are more aligned by vested interests, especially those of landlords and compradores whom "afforded" to please the people with some "patronage package"?

Well, not all people are easy to be driven by the system with its policy of consumerism, the promise of unlimited happiness, and its effect called apathy. In fact, this person's friend did express why she got agitated in political or societal affairs when she has the will not to engage? That she can enjoy like any other girl, making fansigns and whining, of wearing red stilettos and drinking coffee at Starbucks.
But according to what he said, she has a god given instinct to get involve, that she chose the hard life. In fact, people like her may able to enjoy, but reality has made everyone, be it yours truly, or the maiden whom he based this post on hers, to get involve in societal affairs, to resist the tide as much as possible. Perhaps only few knows that as the market-oriented system dictate political, economic, and cultural views of every people, there are those who stand firm in their principles, in a desire to uplift themselves, their communities, and to dismantle unjust policies and persecute those who maintain an unjust status quo.

Anyways, regardless of all the promises, of all the criticisms and countercriticisms, this person and others concerned say this, and sorry if to paraphrase the late dictator Marcos, that:

"There cannot be a genuine democracy if the many cannot be heard and properly represented, what more of being emancipated and empowered. Such a condition had long infested a country's and its society's body politic; it was not surprising therefore that call after call for "national unity" (of course by the system) has rather gone unheeded, for there is a deep rebellion still being brewed from the start: "the rebellion of the poor."

And that Revolt is unstoppable as long as fundamental problems remain regardless of all the paper "reforms" and cosmetic, forchrissake kind of "actions".