Friday, 6 May 2016

“They’re until may 9, but in everyday those from the background say’s you’re mine.”

“They’re until may 9,
 but in everyday those from the background say’s 
you’re mine.”

(Ramblings after seeing various arguments involving politicians, 
but who benefits from it? Is it the people or the system?)

Amidst all the statements and counterstatements being read in social media sites, of all the bullshit that has even reacted by one or another, and at the same time seeing those who trying to keep interests doing nothing except same old ways, one would ask: "why need to argue about candidates if in the end the only enemy is the system controlled by the oligarchs? That you may argued, if not hated all the liberals same as the so-called conservatives and of self-proclaimed middle way, of those radicals and of  moderates, yet in the end who benefits from those series of arguments? Is it the people?"

It may find funny to some, if not disenhearting, especially to those who are once friends turned enemies arguing after a certain candidate, and if to use the late fr. Reuter, or even Patrick Payton, especially with his heart-to-heart voice to paraphrase Mao Zedong's, this person would like to say that:

"Friends, why not let's talk over a cup of coffee? People may express their favour and opposition, that their political is personal, on the other hand, does series of hecklings makes you or someone else's happy? Anyways, anything political is not a dinner party, nor an embroidery, and shopping spree; it cannot also be refined, leisurely and gentle, or even temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. And since nowadays hearing various arguments seems to be a prequel for some vis a vis acts, if not a total act of violence by which one overthrows another. Hope it may not if they want to keep firm in their friendships especially during such discourses."

But the fact is this, that whatever they insist, it is an inconvenient fact that Mainstream politics has becoming boring and lame, enough to create apathy so to speak. People may still endure that months of hearing campaign jingles, of arguments, of almost infights amongst friends and acquaintances, as well as the fact that as people suddenly becoming political analysts, there are those who rather drinks coffee and doing something meaningful and keeping their political convictions to themselves.
Good to hear their analysis though but afterwards? A return to normalcy consists of a desperate goal to attain eternal happiness that some do so even in this time of convenient "nationalism" be it the coming elections or the month-long free museum visits. That those whom separated by political convictions and differences be end trying to rekindle their lost friendships or just simply ignoring it, moving on as if nothing happened.

Anyways, whatever they say justifying various stances enough for arguments, and still seeing such inconvenient realities, the country is still part of the still struggling "third world" and the people who really lead a stunted society are not the ones running for the presidential wooden throne at Malacanang but those who seat in their swivel chairs inside their air conditioned rooms thinking about retaining the status quo with some adjustments. 
That from the posters you see, the jingles you hear, the arguments trying to suppress, all and all, that in the end you rather see people whose surnames consists of Duterte, Roxas, Santiago, Poe, Binay be known until May 9 2015 with some electoral related bullshit be heard until next week or even June.
But how about in everyday life? In fact, you even see and also appreciate those people, happened to be outside politics yet they able to deal in their brand of "statecraft" straight from their offices and establishments since they want policies favourable to their interests that for sure most you ought to oppose, while at the same time you even enjoy watching their “teleseryes” featuring pornified personages, going to their malls for their three day sales and various shopping sprees, that you use their utilities and be suddenly gone mad after hearing price hikes related to these. And these people are not even elected men but controls your life, be it from surnames like Sy, Lopez, Ayala, Gokongwei, Cojuangco, Tan, Pangilinan telling the country that "you're mine".

Sorry but that is the inconvenient truth enough for an analysis. That the oligarchs of the compradore and landlord types control politics they way they control economy and cultural affairs, that the markets that entices people to buy and consume also control the agoras meant to express favour and dissent. Call it political but come to think of this, is politics should be limited to controversial issues involving politicians and elections while everyday goes to showbusiness and a pornified culture of sorts? No wonder why out of the mantra "fuck the system" there are those who chose not to vote out of their principles if not they are registered yet preferring to abstain from voting someone else's. 
What more of justifying further their personal stances further especially after seeing arguments online likely to become lynching sprees fence-sitters likely to describe it as a form of "culling" the population, that to paraphrase James Porrazzo's statement:

"Fuck voting, this shows real commitment and opens up true possibilities worth smiling about - like the 2015 elections being the beginning of the End here. But of course, it's not likely to go to that extreme. Yet."