Wednesday, 18 May 2016



We are not wedded in church
Without crowns, not having candles
There were also no hymns sung
Not even having Veil nor cord, gold rings does not matter

We crowned together under the waxing moon
Witnesses are the hazy skies and the stars shining from late afternoon
Wedding songs were of the wind if not the strumming guitars of friends
Or even chirping birds and so are the cicadas at night never end

We swore to nature, if not to freedom
That love be blossom that cannot be stopped by any kingdom
Friends and Acquaintances be given smiles over sadness
Enemies by trembled by that love's hidden madness

That perhaps makes rotten order's tremble
And this time trying to stop by those who are feeble
Yet amidst their acts that creates dark weather
Love tends to stop, give hope if not forever

Throughout the night and its breeze
Enjoyed the grass dew with songs makes minds pleased
Intoxicating so to speak as it eased the damned
Putting us high and low with colours made our minds rammed

And she, whose skin kissed by the sun, smiled at me
And gave me a kiss on the lips that makes us we truly "we"
Hope it is not a dream nor a fiction to read
But all I know that Love is a mantra that is as limitless to be counted by through its prayer beads

Anyways, strange those days of "intoxicating" love
As the land rested from its boisterous feast with its doves
Flying throughout the air like any other day
But it carries a message of hope and love as what I say

Or perhaps with someone besides me
Seeing all the factory chimneys and glass edifices in the city
There will be new songs and poems, stories to be done
As she smiled at me with a new chapter that has begun