Friday, 6 May 2016

You've enjoyed the sun (while I feel the warmth of your love)

You've enjoyed the sun (while I feel the warmth of your love)

A poem inspired by summer
And by the warmth of someone else's love
by yours truly

Vibrant on that day that you enjoyed the scene
Far from the bustling place you commonly been
Seeing all the fields of white, yellow, brown, or green
But the only thing I remember is your love and my mind scream

These past few days seemed to be inspiring especially coming from you
Is it because of the summer whose beauty has been glowing through?
What a heaven sent to those trying to ease from their blues
If not nurtured by nature to bring hope to this person making this poem true

For the fact that it is summer comes a glimmer of hope
From the harvest of rice to those trying to break their ropes
Flowers blossom with its freshest fragrance fit for a soap
If not a fruit so sweet till one with a problem be able to cope

I dwellth in the books while you enjoy the beach
You feel the morning breeze while I read a written speech
Yet my heart throbs on you hope it never glitch
And my love is selfless as the elder preach

As your skin kissed by the sun and caressed by the morning breeze
I in my room air conditionditioned room feeling an artificial bliss
Is it because of the breeze soon becoming freeze?
Maybe, for that cold itself is everyone wanted to sieze

Perhaps the heavens blesses you as you enjoy your day
While I rely on the mantra like the elders as they say
Deep in my heart I hope you are safe as I repeatedly pray
To the jewel of the lotus light her thy way

For you've enjoyed the sun while I feel the warmth of your love
You've enjoyed the breeze while I stare at the moon above
You make my day quite glad and I hope your evening be not sad
And I hope with this so-called poem may never get you mad