Sunday, 12 June 2016

All despite ceremonies and praises for an Independent Country: Having a Country and people still continuing its struggle for Independence

All despite ceremonies and praises for an Independent Country: 
Having a Country and people still continuing its struggle for Independence

(An Independence Day message)

One would still say that the struggle for independence remains unfinished since 1896 with the reawakening of the Indios or even 1823 with the intention of the Creoles for separatism.

With that despite seeing ceremonies, banners, and hearing various messages paying tribute to the country and its heroes, the revolution the country has waged for years remains unfinished, with all its fundamental problems being tackled and argued by various circles.

Be it against the system altogether or the usual blame game of pointing in a particular entity, that struggle for independence, this time has becoming social in character: It encompasses economic and social issues as the people marches with hungry stomachs due to expensive prices for a reason.

Worse, to see policies, or rather say attitudes, that are worth debatable in various circles. One example would be a person who afford to babble "Happy Independence Day" yet its heart is as much yankee than the yankee itself. Others would say independence as passe and way to go globalisation and neoliberalism as it reduces every symbol, every event, every value, into an aesthetic meant to impress the outsider for a pittance, the rest goes age old repression, disenfranchisement, various forms of injustices, sounds criticisable indeed.

And now, as everyone  hath watched John Arcilla's "General Luna" followed by Robin Padilla's "Bonifacio", seems that people be enticed again to watch something "patriotic" all after being an everyday apathetic and be revert afterwards with their everyday illusion of limitless comforts, if not happiness and its fantastic colours. They may've appreciated Luna's foul-mouthed statements what more of Bonifacio's stubbornness, but that's only for the time being such as "Independence day" for the next day revert to their personal frustrations of attaining what this person said: everyday illusions.

Sorry for that but damn, using those examples, is there really independence in a generation of willing dependents especially to a superpower? Or perhaps preoccupied with fantasy in this continuing past usually filled with misery?
Anyways, despite all these bullshit, the concerned, those who truly adhere to patriotism and nationalism, believes that despite all the ceremonies, the statements, the country has not yet achieved genuine independence in this so-called "continuing past" all because of the hovering shadow of foreign "overlords" in a country's national life, with all of its economic policies, military interventions, and a mendicant foreign policy that is aligned to interests be it the US Imperialists and the Chinese whose revisionism made themselves be "Social Imperialist" in nature. Both "overlords" and its policies, sorry to say, has made people be desensitised as they agreed all in the name of "progress" and yet who really benefits from it? Is it the masses? Nope, it has made the masses stupid thinking that they're the top beneficiary of an overlord's "benevolence", and it's just so unreal that the country remain "its number 1 fan" despite all the historical injustices our ancestors had suffered under such benevolence. And for sure, they did afford to watch something patriotic yet are they really patriotic knowing that they treated patriotism as an aesthetic?

Well, whatever they insist in justifying their illusion such as those of limitless comforts (to the extent of becoming soft), this person say that it is also worth urging that all patriots, nationalists, progressives to stand steadfast to oppose and defeat the continuing stronghold of US imperialism in economy and politics, and to denounce the rising but aggressive Chinese incursion into its sovereign territory, as well as to assert struggle of fellow Filipinos to achieve genuine land reform, national industrialisation,  to deliver basic social services, a patriotic, scientific, and mass-oriented education and culture, and to encourage radical and far-reaching reforms in our institutions that will truly serve the majority of the Filipinos, particularly the poor.

That's all.