Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Scenes from the recent People's "State of the Nation Address" 2016

 Scenes from the recent People's 
"State of the Nation Address" 2016

These scenes seemed to show how people truly wanted an all out "Just and Lasting Peace" especially after President Rodrigo Duterte's desire for cultivating a promising word. It may find it strange especially that it is contrary to the usual events surrounding that "State of the Nation Address."

That instead of "Oust" or "Resign" a newly-elected leader, people from all walks of life rather hear about "Land Reform", "National Industrialisation", to those of  "Stop Lumad Killings and other forms of Extrajudicial Atrocities", that said activity brought about by concerned groups and mass organisations be like an assertion to realise people's hopes especially with an administration willing to "get closer to the people."

That also somehow made this person took some pictures related to that event from Commonwealth Avenue to IBP Road. Their expressions seemed to be full of smiles and life, that even the policemen who got used to beat these protesters "hard", rather find it also not as the usual to see them instead of invoking their usual militancies, but rather more of a people yearning for a glimmer of hope in a regime that tries to put their word, "Change", into its fruitful and lasting form.