Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Two untitled poems

Two untitled poems


These poems were made few days ago before being typed in this page, however, this person decided that due to some duties to fulfill, that these two poems are left untitled and instead being posted in this page "right away".

Here it is:

I pity myself for all those times,
For I those those inspiring days filled with hopes,
Be those of foolishness.

Those inspiring times,
Of Poems, sketches, and songs,
It seems that it all became crass illusions.

Strange those days,
Yet I am thankful;
That in meeting these people,
And spending money,
There are those who are truly concerned,
And those who are rather not.

The former may afforded to remain as friends,
Comrades most likely till the end;
The latter who afforded to enjoy the pleasantries,
Rather chose to leave as if nothing happened.

Again, I may've pity myself from those times,
But despite all those times comes lessons,
Enough to move forward,
All beyond those foolishness.

At first, I missed you so much as I wander familiar places
Be it as old as the National Museum or as beauteous as Diliman's field of Sunflower blossoms
But of all the places the one whose meaning is "Comfort" lies its best
Why? For you've been with me on that way, on those days I described as a "test."

Sorry for being nostalgic, as I sought some of your pictures
Full of beauty and vibrant with one's youth despite times full of pressure
And if to recall those memories that seemed translated into these written works
As if I am floated as you carried me up and see the wonders behind nightly skies

True that with you, those times brought smiles as I pass its familiar places
Having chitchats with coffee at Cool Beans, or unlimited breakfast meals at Artsy's
To the lowly oranges and imported Danish chocolate drinks at your lowly apartment's
Again, memories enough to translate into works such as this.