Monday, 8 August 2016

Kamuning ramblings, and Canticles from a Bard

Kamuning ramblings
And Canticles from a Bard

Seems that this person end inspired again all after these poems made while having a treat.

Be it a coffee at Kamuning Bakery or a Chinese buffet at the oldest Chinatown district, this person seemed to vent what came from his mind over to this page, particularly through poems that mostly speaks about love if not having bouts of melancholy.

And admittingly speaking, those times be like incomplete without a someone behind those written literary works. There are muses in this person's life brought out canticles that perhaps once stored as thoughts and be translated into words that eventually be end posted in this page.

And as for the places that made he enjoy the food and churn some written works, Kamuning Cafe's Coffee as well as its All-Day Breakfast Adobo seemed good; so was Troika for some nightlife and beer if not a certain Chinese restaurant and its buffet.

But again, being alone seemed to be not enough all despite having foods worth enjoying, Books that seemed good to read about, Paintings to see, or even the establishment's wireless internet that made people afford to take pictures all for their personal social media accounts.

"Coffeebreak at Kamuning Cafe"

All is but cold in tuesday noon
As entered that place an interesting room
Full of artworks eyecatching to see
If not its menu compelling to eat

I ordered coffee worth eighty
And reading a brochure about Mimar Sinan's Turkey
If I had enough hard earned money
It should been coffee and spaghetti

Writing critiques in a trusty journal
Uploading pictures for a site quite normal
Enough to enjoy a cold afternoon
And somehow planning to go another that is coming soon

However that day seemed lonesome as what I say
As I drank coffee, writing, reading on that day
If not thinking about a lass named Karen Mae
In the place called Kamuning Cafe


All seemed good to enter again that place
Enough to chill and perhaps to amaze
Unlike yesterday's loneliness due to afternoon rain
Thanks to that coffee that is tying to keep heart warmth remain

Ordered an Adobo that is one hundred and fifty
Quite filling than yesterday's coffee worth eighty
Sorry if I ate that hearty meal instead of  Spaghetti
It seemed so expensive for it is one hundred and ninety

But despite being alone all seemed contented
Is it because of the food or the artworks displayed and made I astounded?
Or the promise from a maiden that brings hope in one's heart
If not a semblance of love that perhaps keeps never apart?

Strange those days at Kamuning Cafe
Perhaps the ambiance made me yearn to go and stay
Thanks sir Wilson for the food, book, and art by the way
Hope next time in that place I am with Karen Mae

"Canticle of a Bard"

When the morning skies grew red
Come over to the battleshed
Though o maiden appearth in thy fight
When the battles filled over once spleandour
Through your hope I vow to remember
As I felt and understand
That freedom hath felt through the hand

Once you brought thy tender bliss
Through thy dreams and loving kiss
O my beloved so ever near
Beauty and charm that is worth remembr'ing
But I know your kindness worth lasting
Thus I felt and understand
That thy love felt through the hand

When dark clouds surrounded us
And fear tries apart break us
Yet you chose not as we held our hands hard
With thy embrace pierced the gloom till shatter
And our love affirmed thus forever
Yes we felt and understand
That our love felt through the hand

And if I fell lies the pain
Will I ever hear you again
And your loving voice be cherished remain?
Far from the idle noise of the blooded plain,
The soul in peace is more serene,
For we felt and understand
That hope and love felt in our hand

"True that I dreamed of love"

True that I dreamed of love
But that love is not enough nowadays
In an era of canned cultures
And exaggerated forms of eroticisms
Creeping everyone's minds and emotions
Just to stave away the reality
Such those of suffering.

That even I is affected by the maladies
Be it from the mind if not from the stomachs
It made me felt sleepless if not hungry
For food if not something to enlight

Quite strange to say those words if not almost unrelatable
But Love seemed to be far from its essence
If not negated from its existence
How come love is more to do with couples helding hands
And less to those who desire to redeem from its chains
More to do with experiences from the ball and bed
And less on aspiring for a world to win?

Admittingly speaking, if there is really love
Hope that love is not about special days for feels trips and emotions
Nor Chocolates and Red Roses
And various forms of eroticisms
Love should be more to do with willingness to be with
Be it death or in hells of reality
The way one would afford to say The Will to Live
In a game called Life.