Wednesday, 24 August 2016



Or how this critic be end in bars because of an alleged act,
or his advocacy as a commuter

"We condemn in the highest possible terms the illegal arrest and harassment of poet and known commuters' rights activist Angelo Suarez by police officers and guards of the Metro Rail Transit..."

James Relativo

"...even if the dude's right-- Still a wrong thing to vandalize, it's already filthy to begin with..."

Fernando Cariño Castro

It seemed "too minor" if not "to stupid" for a "serious issue" to justify his imprisonment somewhere in Kamuning, Quezon City.

For as this person as well as others observed, the actions taken by a well-known Poet-Activist Angelo Suarez  illegally detained last night in a train station, harassed to go to Station 10 around midnight for trumped-up charges of vandalism, and his temporary release papers as not been signed. For sure one would think that the administrators of the Metro Rail Transport System is as too serious in filing charges against him, not just that existing "Vandalism", maybe "damage to property" all because of his word "MRT Bulok" and other writings on that goddamn train wall.

It may sound strange for the concerned to hear his imprisonment due to that minor matter that can be resolved by paying a fine or some semblance of community service, while others via comments on social media sites described him as "irresponsible" if not "stupid" or "uncontented" because of his actions and be "left rotting in jail" or even be "killed" because of that alleged irresponsible act, but come to think that for almost 2 years, Mr. Suarez, or "Ka Gelo" bo his colleagues has been a staunch critic of fare hikes and poor services in that mass transport system such as the MRT. And seriously speaking, he is one of the petitioners in a case filed together with other concerned citizens in the hope to make the public mass transport system better. So why the contented in being mismanaged for the sake of "least riding in a train for a destination is enough"?

In fact, as most people support or oppose his actions, little did these same people know that one of the trains featured one of his poems. Isn't it that strange for the administrator to imprison that poet whose poems been featured in their trains out of a minor issue such as vandalism? Then sorry to say but whatever the system denies the truth, still, "MRT Bulok" indeed as this person and the concerned as observed.
For sure everyone has sought its accident brought by that train, its mismanagement by its administrators, the decades old trains that needs to be replaced, the corrupt personages that continues to elude the charges pressed against them, and the profiteer who afforded to brag that his transport as "efficient" as fuck, as well as other serious reasons why Mr. Suarez did it for these goddamn realities made he convinced to do so if others can't do it out of fear.

However, in a statement brought about by the administrators of that tramway system, it seems that they made it "non-political" in order to consider Mr. Suarez's case as criminal-like and be a basis for his imprisonment no matter how "minor" the issue it be; it even insist that Mr. Suarez did that action despite his innocence.
And if so, from both his assertion as a commuter's rights advocate and his alleged act, then how come that inconvenient statement such as "MRT Bulok" be deemed bereft of politics when Sobrepeña profited MRT through political connections? Such bullshit brought about by the system be like playing safe just to escape the reality how that incident is brought about by realities.

And these realities made that incident really political by nature. "MRT Bulok" is an example of political action against the profiteering compradore and a corrupt bureaucrat who failed to maintain that mass transport system. Obviously, the accident brought about by the negligence of the system is itself a form of vandalism against the passengers themselves for the latter felt upon how ill-maintained, mismanage, if not corrupt those who swore to seriously handle that transport system.

Pardon this person and others concerned, but maybe they want a stupid vandal in the train wall such as a drawing of a dick instead of an inconvenient statement such as "MRT Bulok." Quite apolitical that drawing is than the word Mr. Suarez or any other person has brought upon out of their mind that in turn, out of an inconvenient reality such as an administrative negligence and all that shit. 

But anyways, despite all the shit has brought upon by the system and how a concerned made a compelling damn statement such as a vandal inside a train's wall, everyone deserve a better transport system be it MRT, LRT, or even the lowly Bus, Jeep, and Taxi; but these same people like Suarez et al. demands a really existing best transport system that is far from the inefficiencies of those mismanagers what more of those who clamour for nonsense such as fare hikes in all forms of mass tranport "in the name of competition" if not lobbying those whose conclusion is aggravating existing traffic problems in the major thoroughfares of the metro.

And if same old problems continue to aggravate, then sorry to say, there will be more Angelo Suarezes to fill up the jails because of that political action what authorities deemed it as "not." In fact, there are much serious matters to deal with these administrators such as thieves and sexual harassers riding in those train coaches and left unharmed despite being reported by its victims to these so-called "authorities."
And by the way, as Mr. Suarez remains in jail as of this day, no one was immediately arrested, charged and prosecuted for the MRT accident years back, and no one has been held accountable for all the negligence, mismanagement and corruption that has made the MRT the awful mass transit it has become.