Monday, 1 August 2016

Seizing the fire!

Seizing the fire!

(Or notes after President Rodrigo Duterte 
suspend the earlier "Unilateral Ceasefire" with the Communists
And how earlier events made it happen to suspend)

It may sound unbelievable at first, that how come a President known for cordially dealing with the government's political enemies be end mobilising his armed forces by suspending, or rather scrapping his earlier statement about a "ceasefire" especially with the National Democratic Front and its armed wing, the New Peoples Army.

With the recent action made last July 27, it appeared to be that the rebels staged that action, especially in the middle of what the president declared a "suspension of hostilities"; and yet there were earlier acts that perhaps made the statement becoming less of a rhetoric as the system's attack dogs discreetly trying to wage a "low intensity conflict" against those whose stance be those of an active defence. It also made the clique eager to continue the conflict, what more of a head of state who does not even afford to listen clearly from the other camp, who also desired for peace, what more of a dialouge that would address the cause behind that protracted struggle (that even Dureza and Bello admitted that there should be a real "Road Map to Peace" as possible, With Bello himself also admitted that there are those in the Government trying to disrupt the need for Peace between the government and the rebel group).

But regardless of all the tensions between the government and the rebels, President Rodrigo Duterte may still insist to the rest that he is a reformist, if not a revolutionary, or even a "leftist" in the eyes of his supporters; and that with all the reforms that perhaps tried to enact, it may sound good to say that even its Leftist adversaries such as the Communists themselves have also appreciated him for his promises such as those related to peace, land, bread for the masses.
However, to think that he also represents the old social order with all the reactionary policies retained, of leading an armed forces that is tied to vested interests of the few, of what is change and the desire for peace if all are deemed superficial in the eyes of the concerned?

What more of witnessing earlier and later events such as:

  • Having the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the  Paramilitary group "Alamara" on an active operation in Kapalong, Davao del Norte, resulting in several engagements including its July 5 ambush that wounded one member of the New Peoples Army.

  • Determined to continue its offensive military operations in Kapalong, the same troops rather ignored the ceasefire declaration of their Commander In Chief but instead, took off for combat operation from their detachment in Brgy. Patil last July 26.

  • In North Cotabato, the 39th Infantry Battalion recently identified 13 barrios in Kidapawan City to be placed under Peace and Development Outreach Program (PDOP) to purge them of “communist-influence” while its troops are currently in clearing operations in Magpet, Cotobato. While last July 27, platoons of the 84th Infantry Battalion were deployed in far-flung communities of Toril, Davao City.
  • In Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur, troops of the 2nd Scout Rangers Battalion conducted combat operations on July 29.

  • The July 30, 2016 incident wherein one pregrant woman died, identified as Makinit Gayuran, while more than ten other Tigwahanon tribespeople including children suffered gunshot wounds. Perpetrators of the said incident were identified as the group of New Indigenous People's Army for Rerorm (NIPAR) led by Alde "Butsoy" Salusad, and one CAFGU identified by the community as alias "Asang" belonging to the 68th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army.

These events has made the promise of Peace be like trying to sneer people through the ears while behind does something fishy such as murderers in uniform trying to disrupt the peace itself and putting the blame on those who trying to keep vigilance as possible. True that in Duterte's words there was a ceasefire but that ceasefire also includes vigilance to keep and perhaps win the peace through hearts and minds not just a mere "truce" meant for chrissakes.

However, despite all yearnings and seeing events such as soldiers disrupting on the pretext of "security" and of "interests", it seemed likely to conclude that the president did hath turned a cease fire into an all out seize fire. As in seizing the fire by the people and make the people themselves talk what kind of peace it has to be.
It may sound strange but who controls the fire may also bring a just and lasting change, and that includes an all out peace based on justice.

However, if the system rather chose what is contrary to the need for a just and lasting peace such as a peace based on fear, then the people will rather confront that fear seriously through its series of assertions, knowing that their plight brought them to the extent of letting their lives sacrificed just to reverse what hath the system done so.
Imagine, how come a system who managed to say "they have to win the peace" has to deal things "extrajudicially" to those who are against the system and its policies? That amidst hearing a Commander in Chief's statement they stubbornly pursue their actions as if there was no "ceasefire" happened? In fact, despite all the promises that are partially being realised, here's no change without realising people's desire, especially in its fullest form enough to create a serious ire against the system itself: be it land for the landless, homes for the homeless, peace for the peaceless, bread for the breadless, education for the illiterate, and other desires a nation has to deal especially if that is in pursuit of a nation's rebirth.

But despite all the president's statements, still, the desire for change and peace has not transformed yet to its final, fullest form. Hope that people, whose desire is an "All Out Just and Lasting Peace", be assertive of its call and remain vigilant against those trying to ruin it for their own benefit.