Friday, 9 September 2016

"Notes on Prisma"

"Notes on Prisma"

Admittingly speaking, this person is addicted to Prisma the way others addicted to Instagram or Canva when it comes to editing and posting their pictures. For that app somehow helps enhance the sketches as he experiments with its filters be it once or twice before posting.

Courtesy from one of his friends, Prisma is like any other photo editing app like Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk's Sketchbook, and people, with some "artistic imaginations" dare to transform their pictures into something enough to consider as "artistic", especially with a variety of filters such as "Curly hair" or "Gothic."

Quite strange though at first, but to think that in using that app meant to be for the pictures, it also "helps" in "improving" a sketchwork be it old or new. Or perhaps that app is trying to merge the traditional (through the pencil) and the modern (via Prisma) when it comes to making a form of a Mixed media.

And perhaps a useful tool in making some culture jammings and forms of artistic deviance. Sorry if the last statement sounds political but reality makes one politicised though besides getting cultured by its culture.