Monday, 19 September 2016

"Of Folkish thoughts over Artworks and Poems"

"Of Folkish thoughts 
over Artworks and Poems"

(Or how he loves to make "a rooted future" in his works)

Mostly consists of folksy, past-like structures such as old churches, houses, a windmill, and even a ship, alongside factories and office buildings, this person, all based from the books being read and the places he had sought, may have brought ideas as well as imagination all enough to paint in once empty canvases and invoke a future that perhaps rooted in its marvelous pasts.

"My understanding surrounds the truth of things,
And my truth is mixed up in me,
And the truth of my descent is set forth by itself,
And when it was known it was altogether in me.
And all that are in the universe are under me,
And all the habitable parts and deserts,
And everything created is under me..."

- an excerpt from "The poem in praise of Šeiḫ 'Adî"
(The Principal Prayer of the Yezidis)

"When the moonlight fades away
And the sun soon shows the way
When the night ends its starry casts
And the day comes cloudy masts
Fragrant flowers spread their scent
Lies the call of thy freedom
Lilies, roses in the land
A renewed word that is love"

- an excerpt from the poem
"When the moonlight fades away"

"True that we seek for a radiant future 
Coming from the stories we love to read 
Be it from fact or fiction 
Trying to bridge it as we lead
Trying to create a tomorrow of wonders
If not creating a world whose love is just
Trying to break the chains
Be it repression or of lust"

- an excerpt from the poem "A Radiant future"

It may appear as typical as any other artwork, or even mistaken for those made by kids and adolescents addicted to fairy tales or even history books; but for this person who loved arts and history it is more of a continuation of what he read and what he wrote. Poems like "A Radiant Future" and "When the Moonlight fades away" expressed hopes of a rooted future if not a generation whose values been embedded rather than those of today's decadence.

Admittingly speaking, to have folkish thoughts is a product of seeing the reality such as an unbridled decadence the present world has ever made, with its sheer nonsense the concerned dares to resist by both creative and destructive means.

Or perhaps amongst those who appears to be satisfied from today's technological advancements there are those who desired for something much more meaningful like a return to learning and a desire to reclaim lost heritages.