Wednesday, 19 October 2016

"Teargassed, Truncheon'd, and rammed by a van!"

and rammed by a van!"

Notes on the recent incident at Roxas Boulevard
(brought about by a bunch of trigger happy cops against activists)

At first, the incident is worth called unjust and sickening as scores of Lumads, Aetas, Mangyans, Dumagats, Igorots, Moro people and other Indigenous folks and other activists severely hurt after a police mobile runover towards rallyists in front of US Embassy.

Amid scores of injured and imprsoned participants, that violent dispersal led by Manila Police District col. Marcelino Pedroso jr. showed an obvuious brutish a against the people, particularly the Indigenous folks who marched from their communities to Manila with their calls for self determination, social justice, and sovereignty as Filipinos marred by foreign intervention such as from the United States.

It is worth called savage, if not almost a carnage especially when police officer Benjamin Kho intentionally rammed a police vehicle back and forth against the protesters, and even grabbed a Lumad protester through the hair; so were the other cops who seriously did a brutish manner in "controlling" the situation, with tear gas and truncheons all as ordered by col. Pedroso.

The said incident resulted to a dozen wounded on the rallyist's side, few of them suffered serious injuries and yet faced prison bars. And besides those of the Indigenous folks, health workers served as First Aid Units as well as those from Alternative Media outlets have been arrested by the riot police, also under Pedroso's savage orders.

Sorry to descibe that incident as almost a carnage, for that brutish incident brought about by Pedroso and Kho speaks for itself about what happened in Roxas Boulevard. And as everyone joins in its condemnation, apologists in social media sites rallied rather on the side of the policemen justifying the said incident as necessary against "leftism" and even wanting to see serious casulties against the rallyists; while others as trying to make balance between both activists and policemen basing on the video and its statements.

But again, on this person's view and of the concerned, the incident still showed crass injustice brought about by a rotten order during a president's "absence." And based from comments coming from the system's apologetics, it is worth stupid to blame towards the rallyist, especially in regards to that incident and others It was more of the cop whose itchy hands wanted that to happen, and he waited for a few seconds as the protester finished their activity to start their brutal attack as maintainers of the system.

Strange if not the irony isn't it? Especially that as the so-called non-aligned President of a goddamn republic known as the Philippines is trying to impose an independent foreign policy there are those within the system who seemed referring to remain as lapdogs of the old order they accustomed to. Starting with the one who shouted his subordinates for letting these activists staged a protest near a den of alleged provocateurs and destabilisers known as the "US Embassy".

Worse, that incident meant creating a scenario enough to blame the presidency simply because he's the commander in chief of both the Armed Forces and the Police. So hope that there is a serious investigation by the President as well as the Director-General of the Philippine National Police regarding that incident brought about by a trigger happy coterie of cops who as if gone hurted seriously after being pelted by tomatoes or red paint and be responded by tear gas and truncheons.

That somehow showed how some of these cops, with all their brutish stances, are actually pigs easily screaming for pain and wanting to make hell for theirs and the system's behalf. Hence, que barbaridad! With all their actions showed how barbaric they are towards the ones trying to keep in touch with the times such as these indigenous folks.

And whatever apologists tried to explain, that in the end what the police's did was out of control if not as if having no will to restrain as it unleashes its barbarism, no matter how its frustrated non partisan, apolitical, or just apathetic pampered apologists speak on behalf of them ranging from "simply because they are being pelted by tomatoes or red paint" or "because they are noisy asserting their calls and desires for change."