Monday, 2 January 2017

"Painted out of those useless receipts"

"Painted out of those useless receipts and scratch papers"

Its been few months back when this person made these artworks.

Brought about by having lack of money to buy a canvas yet having tubes of paint, this person sought some scratch papers and had it painted over first by a white acrylic paint, left it dry, then followed by others all according to his desires.

Quite strange at first to create out of those useless pieces of paper since most people rather had it thrown away as any other rubbish; but this person, like others who engage in a creative activity, felt that an imaginative urge compels him to vent on what is meant in a pricey canvas to those of scratch papers, and one of which was rather given from a shopkeeper after buying a stuff such as instant noodles.

And like those from his sketches, this person took time to paint it over such as those inspired by San Sebastian, Rockwell, Robina, and J├Ągermeister; to those of Molotov whose flames becoming fists and of birds.

Or rusticated ones that reflects a rooted, folksy life if not a setting where modenity is rather least touched with all the trees, mountains, and waters flowing undisturbed.

Invoking something even in "trash"

Most of these works, even painted in a mere scratch of paper is an attempt to merge the antiquated and of the contemporary, of antiquated thoughts painted in contemporary pieces of those rather meant to be thrown out for being a rubbish.

Perhaps because this person read some interesting books and and at times imparts what he observed in a canvas be it brought from an art store or just got from its drawer as a once lowly scratch paper;  and in it there he also shared his belief just like his writeups, that making visual art is also a part of making a world a "better place" if not a reaction of what he sought as "junk", "trash", or "shit". 

However, people be like seeing it weird especially in showing places like factories, of old churches, anything historical merged with scifi or whatsoever; who cares anyway? But the thought of seeing a deviant future is a reaction from the reality that seemed less idealistic and more hedonistic.

And in it also been imparted in those supposed rubbish, all given coats of paint be it black, white, grey, even red and blue.

Again, featuring the Schwarze Sonne

What more of featuring the Schwarze Sonne in some artworks as it invokes mysticism of not invoking the strongest and most visible expression of god, with its rays casting its light from its darkness. However, that symbol that shones within that dark, ambient, concrete setting has been synonymous to Germanic Neopaganism to those of Neo-Nazis spewing some pagan symbolism as if theirs.
Yet to cite Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke about the Schwarze Sonne, he explained that: 

"this twelve-spoke sun wheel derives from decorative disks of the Merovingians of the early medieval period and are supposed to represent the visible sun or its passage through the months of the year."

And if to believe Goodrick-Clarke's assumption, perhaps it is an attempt to de-Nazify whilst keeping the neopaganic if not Germanic, Frankish heritage of that sign signifying as the sun or god as the ever-growing power itself. Shining even at a third world setting such as Manila; be it twelve or eight rays. 


One may describe those works as fantasies, most likely deluded ones as it showed far from the usual be it as mystic-controversial as the black sun, as unusal as the factory with its chimneys, or as enduring as the steeled San Sebastian Church which was a showcase of both reinforced steel from the "present" and of Gothic Architecture from the "past".

Perhaps because these were done as a response from the current trends he had observed such as crass commercialism that even affects art itself and how it been conveyed. Or for reality's sake that that in a young age he chose something that is deviant from what he surrounds him.
Isn't it because his surroundings, with all its indifferences, hath alienate, misinterpret, or even fooled him? As they all enjoyed their music, the one whom they misinterpret or even fooled about took a different path the way he painted something few opted to put their heart on.

This person continues to do it, even in its controversial themes thinking that some are worth pleasing both into the eyes and to the mind, if not invoking something that is beyond their imagination such as a reaction from anything that's full of illusions.

Anyway, pardon for the camera shots.