Monday, 6 February 2017

"Isn't it that too much?"

"Isn't it that too much?"

Notes after a controversial post from a social media site
And how most viewers abhorred over

It seems that most people think it is too disgusting to see a post, such as coming from a men's oriented page known by many as RBreezy, that also resulted to its deactivation a day ago.

Specifically through its post that deals about rape, RBreezy expressed quite stupidly in telling on "how enjoyable getting raped" and even calling "friends who are 'rapists'" to tag if not to share that stupid post.

To its fans, it sounds humourous the way they are trying to protect the page from its detractors; maybe because of the page itself as known for featuring curvaceous girls, flashy cars, electronic cigarettes, and of course, sex. 
In seeing that page in general, one would say that it is a page meant for men, tackling issues what men afforded to deal about as stated earlier; however, as some of its posts seemed to be less wholesome and more harassing, RBreezy rather failed to notice that controversial issues such as Rape and Sexual Harassment is a really-really serious matter just like Drugs and Money Laundering, regardless on how they're insisting that their post is a part of their right to free speech, no matter how "offensive" it is "just to have fun."

And if not mistaken, that page was also known for posting a sex video in a social media site several months ago, wherein it had gathered likes, shares, and comments that reflected those who favoured promiscuity.
But then it end taken down from social media (while still posted in its website) knowing that the sex video also created much criticism by many, especially after seeing its victim as not of her legal age and hence making the page liable for a case under RA 10175, known as the "cybercrime law".

And perhaps all because of these related somehow made most social media users wanting to take down the page altogether all due to its pornographic content if not its offensive language. While apologists, on the other hand, dared its critics to "criticise" further as if it made the page "famous".

And because of these, the page until yesterday* rather remained "defiant" in its stand thinking that their haters made them famous, not knowing that the page itself is becoming an unofficial voice for self-proclaimed "men's rights" enthusiasts. With a controversial post currently featured and tackled about, isn't it made the page less wholesome and becoming too rauchy?
Anyway, for an observer, he ought to say that despite seeing that page appearing itself as a page meant for "bros", of vape-puffing, car-priding, and boob-staring guys, and end rather becoming a page for fuckboys, RBreezy has rather end unbecoming an unofficial "voice" for those who justify misogyny in a guise of "man's world", knowing that they're trying to cater something what no other man's magazine or page can offer, especially via social media.

And admittingly speaking, it turned out badly against them especially after a post that stupidly deals with the word "rape" or even its earlier post such as those of a sex video; for sure with those examples one would remember related issues such as the late Secretary Manglapus's statement telling people to "lie down and enjoy" or a statement shirt describing Rape as a "snuggle with struggle"; and this time seeing a post that talks about getting satisfied or enjoyed in getting raped. 

That again made the concerned described these as plain simple wrong, and even a plain stupid idea that even sex advocates agrees its unjustness.

*it end deactivated while "new accounts" sprawled with the same intent.