Monday, 30 January 2012

"SANDATA" the musical weapons and aspirations of Lirio Salvador


the musical weapons and aspirations of Lirio Salvador

This writer was at UP Diliman when he went to a museum that featured a different kind of weapon.

All made of stainless steel spoons, forks, bicycle gears, dippers, even pots, these weapons seemed to be "weird"in the eyes of an ordinary viewer, but to others it is simply a work made out of a creative mindset and a yearness to create music such as out of an electric guitar what the artist wished for.

In other words, the "weapons"shown are simply instruments made by a well known artist, named Lirio Salvador.

His life and labors of Sound and Steel

According to the Drawing Room, it said:

"Lirio Salvador’s works do not stand behind signs that impose: “Do Not Touch the Artwork.” Instead, his art entices the viewer to reach across the institutional wall that divides them just to pluck at the strings. Called ‘sculptural assemblages,’"

Quite nice so to read and hear about his works such as those made out of stainless steel. From forks to bicycle gears, clean draining springs and steel tubes, such artwork made by a former fine arts student seemed to be likely remind of futurist musicians during the early 20th century trying to experiment sound such as Russolo's Intonarumori or Theremin's Aerophone. But to Salvador himself he simply wanted to transform ordinary objects into a different work of art, and a different sound to create; that he himself said that:

  "It's all about the merging of my native oriental culture and the present industrial environment that is slowly corrupting my native land".

Yes, that somehow Salvador's works were made in response to the present culture that is, slowly degenerating. And somehow he wanted a culture that is progressive yet organic, native yet modern in the eyes of everyone dares to engage with reality. In fact, since Salvador is against the idea of "not touching the artwork", some of the sandatas are connected to the amplifiers that could be turned on and off by the observer, so that they could hear what kind of sounds are produced as they touch the strings of the instrument. One of which is a crossbow-like "weapon" made out of steel springs and bicycle gears.

And as a musician, Salvador tend to produce and re-produce experimental sound compositions using his creations as his instruments; that somehow likely to consider as a counterpart to those coming from America or Europe, especially those being played in Radio Europa or Bandiera Nera. But then as noticed all over, his ethno-industrial art and sound, being sophisticated and made out of different materials and disciplines, rather say that continues to create more and more of it, or as what the "Drawing Room" said:

"The ingenuity lies in the unfinished nature of his works. In their capacity to accommodate more objects, more creative fusion, there is more gold to be made."

The exibhit also featured not just entirely musical instruments, there's even a "robot" that seemed made for curiosity. Obviously, these are made out of the same as the "Sandatas" being shown...

...That some would say that Salvador also like robotics the way he likes industrial music as he played and worked for it. After all, he has always been preoccupied with music and technology in his works.

However, as of these days,
Lirio Salvador, the maker of his Sandatas, needs everybody's help.

In a state of sleep, in a state of help

Last week, everyone in the art scene seemed to be dismayed, saddened  as Liro Salvador was suffered in an accident in Dasmarinas Cavite.

This time in a state of coma after being hit in the head by a passing motorcycle near his abode, Salvador is in need of support from friends and colleagues from the art sector the way this exhibit was being shown in the Vargas museum. He was currently confined in the intensive care unit of the University Medical Center of La Salle DasmariƱas, Cavite. Last December 30, 2011, struggling to live despite in a state of sleep after a fatal accident that if not treated, cost his life. Rumors even said that some "Punk" colleagues even wanting revenge  against the person behind the hitting.

The exhibit, according to Toni Antiporda of the Philippine Collegian, continued despite the accident, as every metal chrome sculptures line the white walls of the gallery, whilst its crowd swallows in a performance by Salvador's experimental sound group Elemento, all marveled at the seemingly elegant yet alien sounds made by metal grinding against metal regardless of being recycled out of things everyone usually seen...whether in the kitchen or in the garage.

"The aspect of performance also proves vital to the sandata experience,"  Antiporda added, "for these instruments have been designed to produce raw, coarse sounds of machines, electricity and amplification."  
Such artistry both from the instrument and the sound, Salvador tries to create a homegrown futuristic experience the way Russolo or Theremin showed to the people before. Yes, to others may call it weird to see instruments made out of spoons, bicycle gears or springs; But, in the hands of every spectator, or any person sympathetically aligned with Salvador's vision, these metallic installations could produce a wide range of possibilities such as creating a new wave of unique artistry. But, as just as any weapon is rendered useless without the warrior, the Sandatas are not complete without the spectators’ participation, and perhaps the maker himself.

That somehow out of his dream of wanting a guitar to play music, lies a creation that perhaps pave way to a different kind of music that is, fun, free and rebellious to the ears of everyone.


Lirio Salvador needs your help, prayers and support in order to continue the unfinished work of his. The exibhit shown before was an example of support for his vision,  and to those willing to help or seeing him in person, he may be visited from 9 - 11 am and 4 - 6pm at the University Medical Center, De La Salle DasmariƱas, Cavite.

Cash donations are also greatly appreciated:

* For Cash donations, please direct it to his wife, Mary Ann Jimenez-Salvador (Meanne).
She needs ALL the support we can give.
Lirio's wife Meanne's #: 0915 - 9032193

* For Cash donations via Bank (as per Lirio's wife, Meanne),
please deposit it at: BPI Family Bank (Fairview Branch-if teller asks for it),
Account name: Rodrigo Romero Account number: 6176 2043 44.

* Kindly keep the deposit slip with teller's validation and please contact Rodrigo (Jon) of your deposit.
Rodrigo Romero a.k.a. Jon Romero will post transparency records on this Facebook account.--
Rodrigo Romero a.k.a. Jon's #: 0927-6997809

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"Gia's theme"

"Gia's theme"

(a variant of Polyushka Polye)

Gia my Gia
My shining red star Katleah
I hope I'll see you back as I returning
In the night when the red star is shining

Why are you crying?
Seemed that you are lonesome and nothing
Everyone's left in the battle fighting
Yet my beloved not joining?

Looking the dark heavens
Shining stars with red one glowing
The way your presence that gives such meaning 
Same as I with you made me inspiring

Gia my Gia
Let me dry your tears from your eyes
Let our songs heal our wounds end our sorrows
Just like the maiden Katleah

Let the harps strumming
And voices of bards come rising
Let curses over foes pointing striking
With Fire and brimsone come burning

Let our love inspiring
Let the red roses in fields blooming
Let no death passing us nor sorrow coming
Day and night let our red star come shining

Gia my Gia
My shining red star Katleah
I hope I'll see you back as I returning
In the night when the red star is shining...

Monday, 23 January 2012

Its your society, Stupid.

Its your society, Stupid.

By Katleah Ulrike

Sorry for being late, but this writeup somehow made in response to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's "It's the Economy, Student" response to the current President that also, one of her student in Ateneo de Manila.

At first, it would say that the colloquium made by Gary Olivar et al. somehow tend to justify the former President's efforts to keep the economy afloat in midst of the prevailing socio-economic crisis in these past few years, and also weird that how come despite the having a superficial "improvement" there are increase in prices of commodities and failures in succeeding agrarian reform? Does it mean the state didn't root out the dreaded oligarchs that controlled the entire rotten society lock, stock and drop?

As noticed in the colloquium made last January 12, Mrs. Arroyo criticized the President for weak infrastructure spending and the slow rollout of public-private partnership (PPP) projects promised by the present administration. Yes, there is but on the other hand, will Aquino seriously undertake a policy coming from a different party, or follow Arroyo's dictum? It's like telling the Republican Hoover to a Democrat Roosevelt pursue his policies during the Depression of the 1930s. This writer does not mean trying to defend Aquino, obviously as stated from above, the presence of oligarchs doesn't make any sense despite the so-called "improvement" in the economy, the society they've controlling is rotten so to speak, regardless of the modern day infrastructure and rise of numbers.

Secondly, using the ideas taken from others, thinking that yes, the economy is somewhat improved, having good roads and modern airport facilities, bridges and the like; but to call it a legacy as others may think of is like nearly creating a cult of personality the way Ferdinand Marcos, Cory Aquino or Erap Estrada tried to do so. Whether as maintainer of order, upholder of democracy or even savior of the poor yet didn't completely dismantle the society they tend to make prosper and peaceful. The revolt of the poor is even rising further as repressive structures maintain their rabid paranoia and rising prices of commodities as been seen by everyone.
By the way, discounts in sachets of Shampoo and conditioner or any other commodity are a part of Public Relations policy than a serious idea as people desperately wanting to have affordable, if not cheap goods in the sea of expensive products in every stores. It's even obvious that regardless of the increasing numbers that the gap continues to widen as well, so what's prosperity if everyone is compelled to content than to advance? Or as the late Marcos said so: of what is Democracy if it is not for the poor?

And to think that  extolling of the new President is not coming from himself, and instead from the public regardless of the rampant poverty, rather be a plain and simple near institutionalized personality cult the way Marcos or Estrada loyalists tend to admire their idols with affection-so is Arroyo with her fans from the middle class. This writer somehow think that these trying hard cults of themselves, leaders as everyone sought is a last resort trying to keep everything in control-the way Kim Il Sung or Saddam Hussein did during their days as leaders. Marcos tend to show himself as the one who spearhead greatness, Aquino for upholding democracy, Estrada for being pro-poor and Arroyo for her efforts to keep the economy afloat; yes all did enough effort yet they kiss the arses of the devil in pursuit of keeping everything "under control" including repressive means such as martial rule and the use of the military for political purposes such as Jovito Palparan. 

These instances somehow prioritizes having the rotten society intact. As Poor people forced to go to Manila and squat, increased prices of commodities coexists with rising GDP rates and modern day infrastructure, everyone simply felt how bipolar the society is the way we see every feature such as "Squatters" and condominiums  as well as decrees concerning land reform with landlords, oligarchs controlling every land. And now telling that the economy is prosperous? This person doubt.

The rotten society itself tells it all, stupid.
Look and feel its stench of blood and garbage in it. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Scrap that paper NOW!

Scrap that paper NOW!

I was browsing something when I found this message on Wikipedia. And it is quite dismayed a bit since the site is in a state of blackout in protest of a bill that is, detrimental to the right for free access to  information and social change.

As most companies trying to earn profits through the use of internet is screaming about people having access to information without pay, they wanted to restrict the latter and justifying it as their right to impose sanctions such as making it accessible to those ought to pay for it-especially in the music scene. This kind of catastrophe rather result to massive discontent amongst internet users that somehow wanted to listen to music or watch videos without interference, same as in reading articles like in Wikipedia.

And since Wikipedia joined the boycott along with Google, Mozilla Firefox against the bills, namely the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), this writer would think that "what the heck are these pro-censorship people wanted?" In the Philippines, people clamor for the "Freedom of Information" act that means popular control of government information; and somehow since SOPA and PIPA acts are been passed, perhaps undermines FOI or POGI (Peoples Ownership of Government Information) bill if to be passed.

After all, having SOPA and PIPA acts being passed doesn't mean companies supporting it be contented to especially in controlling the internet. Other Censorship and Restriction-related bills are waiting to be discuss, made and pass will come making everyone giving a headache as their rights are being restricted in favor of the companies and its stooges supporting the said bills and its future attempts in further restricting. "And the funny part," as according to the Pirate Bay, is that most of our rules are very similar to the founding ideas of the USA or the Magna Carta of then Kingdom of England. For sure most of the people around the world are protracedly fighting for freedom of speech, press, expression, to organize, to criticize and perhaps to some extent, to rebel against their respective systems. "We see all people as equal." as what the statement from the Pirate Bay said.  "We believe that the public, not the elite, should rule the nation. We believe that laws should be created to serve the public, not the rich corporations."

For sure in midst of this controversial action taken by the federal government in regards to internet policies, this meant cowardice as we remember how Julian Assange of Wikileaks ought to expose the actions made by the United States and its allies through its wires got from US embassies around the world. Such issue somehow compelled the system to impose what is tantamount to repression such as Censorship and Restriction. In the earlier days, most dared to create Samizdat copies of books in order to have everyone have a copy of a book as a form of protest against the system.

As Vladimir Bukovsky defined it as follows:

 "(...) I myself create it, 
edit it, 
censor it, 
publish it, 
distribute it, 
and ... get imprisoned for it. (...)"

The Samizdat was an example of a response against restriction. And somehow those using the Internet would resort doing, or modernizing the Samizdat as a form of resistance against the bills that they (the system) want to make the internet inte a one way pipe, with them at the top, shoving trash through the pipe down to the rest of us obedient consumers. Well, PIPA, in Swedish meant "Pipe," while SOPA meant "Trash."

Kinda weird to think that since browsing the internet is a civil right, how come there's a need to restrict the flow of information severely? Isn't it a violation of man's inherent right to show talent, to have access for information the way how books being sold ought not to be taxable?

As a writer, I would say this:

Scrap that paper NOW!
More Hackers and Pirates will come to Hack and Pirate for everyone's satisfaction!

For now, let's listen to the song made by Karl Ramirez

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Love to eat Pasta at Captain's Galley!

Love to eat Pasta at Captain's Galley!

The writer's signature meal
However not all times this writer ought to eat pasta alla carbonara...he also eats spaghetti Bolognese!

Well, this is the first time this writer writes about food in this blog.

Since he is an avid eater of Pasta alla Carbonara in a restaurant somewhere in Recto, he end up visiting that said site every noon, especially lunchtime. Quite different since its ambiance  reminds of the restaurants in cruise ships with its crew serving dishes nearly "in style." after all it's a training restaurant though, as most of them are HRM students of San Sebastian College-Recollectos.

Too bad, next time I'll eat that sweet treat.

However, as this writer usually eats pasta every noon, the crew somehow recognize me to the extent of knowing the meal I am eating for, although sometimes I tend to stop Carbonara for Spaghetti Bolognese or even breaded porkchop. And during lunchtime, kids afford to eat too-for sure most of them are rich as others may think of, eating breaded porkchops, hotdogs, even banana splits and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce flowing. One of the crew even told me that one of them became their "mascot" and somehow I tend to drew a kid wearing a sailor's costume during one of my pasta sessions in the galley.

Quite pretty isn't she? 

Well, if I'm not mistaken, according to the manager (I don't know but perhaps the one who gave info to me acts as its manager I think), Captain's Galley was founded last 2007 after a batch of Hotel and Restaurant Management students of San Sebastian College had an On the Job Training in WG&A Superferry. It somehow meant working in a Galley (ship kitchen) as part of the curriculum. Kinda nice to hear that start-setting up a good training restaurant not only for the students of "Baste", but also for everyone around the University belt, as the in-charge said to me that even those studying from UE or UST also ate for quite some time in a training restaurant that is, different from others whose HRM students served food for faculty members and administrators. 

Kinda weird isn't it that since most HRM students in other schools served their labour of love only to faculty members and administrators in other schools that offered such course, why not to everyone as well the way this writer loved to eat Pasta alla Carbonara and to see a pretty waitress (oops!) in Captain's Galley? Sorry to say so in comparing as a critic. 

They also do catering services according to this writer's discussion with the "manager." Quite nice that Baste's very own HRM students working in Capitain's Galley also engage in catering as part of advancing their training and practise. So if there's any event, such as weddings and birthdays, why not try to visit the Galley at San Sebastian College in Recto for some inquiries? I bet some ought to try a good meal that this writer thinks as affordable and satisfying, after all the actual galley experience served as an inspiration to create a different galley in the metro. 

And as a writer who loved Carbonara as one of his lunch meal, I simply love to eat pasta before blogwork. Just like this kid, he ate fish fillet with mustard as its dip for lunch while thinking about afternoon classes after lunchtime.

By the way, for a visit, Captain's Galley operates six days a week (Monday to Saturday) from 8:30am to 6:00 pm. For sure everyone is invited to savor deliciously cooked food and enjoy the ambiance inspired by haute cusine and sailing ships.

Bon appetit un advance!
(along with lifting a glass of imaginary soda ^-^)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Reflections after the events in Quiapo

Reflections after the events in Quiapo

It was Monday when some of the major streets situated in Quiapo Manila were in a bit disarray.

Some are empty, full of people, and traffic jams around, the scene seemed to be justified as the maroon clad people rejoiced over for their beloved Black Nazarene.

Whether they are pulling the ropes or wanting to have their towels wipe the statue of thy blessed Lord, these people obviously vent the fires of faith from their hearts, pulling the ropes of the carriage or having their towels wiped in the promise of a miracle or having their sins atoned, yet most of them could be drunkards or thieves.

Sorry to say so about it, but it's true enough to see that some religious aren't really religious at all due to their acts that undermine their faith and sincerity to thy Lord's command. For sure in the streets some pro-life people gone angry after seeing contraceptives vended near the church, or policemen seeing beggars or solvent sniffing people in the sidewalks of Quiapo. These scenes would think somehow tend to tarnish the image of their Quiapo as their fortress of faith aside from Rome, but how about themselves whose reason is to have a miracle yet they also have more sins to atone not just though pulling the strings and walk barefoot? While at the same time venting vulgar words and acting disrespectfully towards others?

This writer somehow tend to say realistically based on the backgrounds of people trying to get closer to God and strengthening their faith by pulling the ropes or with their towels wiped by the Black Nazarene. Some can be religious as they emphasise oneness with God, while others may fanatical in the way they move and thinking of it as a part of their faith- remembering the day they pushed a fire truck paving the way different from the official path approved by the City government and of the church itself; since they do so, then is this the so-called faith?

Secondly, as noticing every scene during that solemn day, some rather treated it as a festival so to say. Some tend to make a party out, others tend to make it an opportunity for students situated in that district to treat as a minor holiday of rest and recreation, or even posing as religious especially those in a relationship that they also wear maroon for that event. This writer would somehow think that one's solemnity is another's party to enjoy with-especially those of the young.

These people who carried on in their devotions shouldn't act too far, or rather say, fanatically. Yes, they prayed and worked hard all just to atone their sins as humans, to the extent of becoming scapegoats following the example of Christ, literally by crucifying themselves or what, even pulling the ropes of the carriage all just to feel being blessed or what, including those of having a miracle or something that would make a worshiper satisfy. And as looking at these people trying to bring themselves closer to God, might as well to say that there are more things to come but need to keep thy faith burning in their barren hearts and not to prioritize the idea of being religious to have something far from what their faith ought to be.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tell it to Mando Plaridel That the "elite" should be heroes.

Tell it to Mando Plaridel That the "Elite" should be the heroes.

 Reminds of desperate people justifying a caste society clothed in a trappings of equality as they tend to speak things such as that in a modern day world. For sure they act intelligent enough to say that are the intelligentsia wanting to reform society including its culture well. In fact, this writer was reading a post about a recommendation making the elite as protagonists in a movie, tv shows or I should say in contemporary culture instead of the masses.

Here are the words being said so:

“Instead of focusing on slums, slums, slums, and whore, whores, whores, show a rich person who’s doing it right in life, and show how he’s trying to correct the lazy poor and helping them get their lives on track! I have YET to see that kind of movie. It’s always rooting for the underdog. This time, root for the overdog!”

"The Elite show how a person should behave in society, properly make decisions, have excellence and have a true sense of justice. That is the ideal hero... This should be shown in the movies and TV shows."

At first, it is kinda idealistic to read those passages to say an idea of an Elite as a protagonist, that there are chances of having an Elite enlightened and educating the rest of the people living in 7,107 islands; but then on the other side it obviously speaks the idea how these people really tend to justify having a caste society by  admitting that equality is merely a word in the dictionary, that social equality is impossible; it may sound trying hard Nietzschean isn't it? Especially as they are tired of realism such as slums and whores in every movie as this writer would say-that made them think "why not the enlightened Elite be the protagonist" instead of the poor? Or what is equality anyway?

 Well, Kinda desperate than idealistic rather to insist their  view over what is realistic. As not all rich people are "Enlightened." In fact, if they're against the Elite, the Oligarchs,  might as well think that "The Old Bones are Frailing" and should be smashed.

Yes, there may have been "enlightened elitists" around but whose background anyway? For sure these enlightened would be the oligarchs who desperately escape obligations by using corporate philanthropy, or students that once idealists that end up getting contented in what they are doing such as to earn and having a family. The idea of an "enlightened elite", like Jose Rizal or Del Pilar for example somehow would also meant conspiratorial in its idea, the way Rizal's Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, Marcelo Del Pilar's La Solidaridad became means to further agitate the masses against the ills of society;  it can be also like Mando Plaridel from Hernandez's "Ibong Mandaragit"' but is Mando Plaridel a member of the elite to consider that he is enlightened by setting up a school for the people after having Simoun's jewelry found in the sea? He's even a poor person from the start according to the story, being a part of a household in the Montero family. Otherwise, they may wanted traitorous ones such as Pedro Paterno who still loved Spain despite being an official to the first republic and to the American regime.  

 The idea of an "enlightened elite" may result to a two way road taking look at the reality such as wanting people benefited from education or to be contented as they were as that elite benefits it's own using words and gestures.

Anyway, to those who dare to think, not all Elite and its wannabes are enlightened. Will they immerse themselves to the squatters if they dare to do so? Not all dare to immerse in order to know the problem, as most would say that they're ignorant, tardy, or just simply looking at them without understanding, or babbling that they know the problem out of books or watching it on the television.

Obviously, if there are amongst the Elite who is enlightened, they'll end up similar to the one carrying the nitroglycerin bomb. They may likely to be beyond books as they are willing to immerse into the field seeking for problems and solutions better than charity and contentment in a rotten structure. Good indeed to think and recommend that  Filipino entertainment, especially those from Movie and Television should change its content and message, that would rather contribute to society’s betterment by showing the solutions rather than sensationalizing the ills as the system insists today. 

...But what kind of solution should be?
Will it be for the masses or for the elite?
Is it radical change or just change of names and patterns?
Will it be superficial or not?
Will it be Idealistic or Realistic?

Tell it to Mando Plaridel that the "Elite" should be the heroes.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Of "Allegorical Sketches" and its (trying hard to put) meanings

Of "Allegorical Sketches" and its (trying hard to put) meanings

Self portrait of the writer writing something, and getting inspired by someone.
This may meant seeking knowledge by reading and understanding.

Well, since this writer also use to sketch for a half-time, he tries to create allegorical sketches of life, freedom and future as it feature people, places, and events in it. But most of it are quite in-near abstract as much of it are crude enough to see some meanings in it.

As according to Wikipedia, allegorical works, such as those shown in sculpture, painting or even sketches refers to works of art that symbolize and particularly personify abstract idea as it demonstrates form of representation explaining meaning other than the words that are spoken as Allegory communicates its message by means of symbolic figures, actions or symbolic representation.

But then few would tend to understand every work being made.

Breast-bearing women for example, some would think of it too erotically whilst others tend to look at it as personifying a wet nurse or a mother willing to give milk to an infant child of hers; weird isn't it? Sometimes, would think that how come pictures featuring women in-near bare or in bikinis, lingerie looking at the mirror to take some pictures are for? Some would say it is an act of charm, of describing themselves as "delicious" or what, but to others it personifies how cheap their barren soul is as they show their pictures showing near-bareness without any meaning at all except near-meaningless eroticism.

Kinda weird isn't it? It even reminds of the other blog that featured people in near-nakedness yet without any idea except those of seduction (like being "Delicious") comparing to the works of art that somehow unleash its bear-nakedness with meanings such as "youth", "womanhood" and "Virility."

But not all allegorical works can't be consists of people creating a promising future. Buildings, machinery, everything that personifies faith and technology are also a part of every work, the way how Stalin's architects tend to built the seven sisters in Moscow or the Chinese in their forbidden city, also serve something that not just pleases to everybody's eyes or even invoking fear, but to convey a message that would mean a fruit of hardship, a promising future, a sign of sacredness and nobility, the way how everyone tend to forge something to put an end to a centuries-old shit that slanders the community both in essence and existence.

Why not take a look at these sketches instead?

allegory of past and present:
of running machines, forging an advancing society

The unity of intellect and industry

Liberty enlightening the world? Kinda,
but this sketch rather meant  Liberty leading the red flags

"Athena" personifying modern wisdom through technology, industry

However, there are also allegories pertaining to the system and its angst from the people.

This would meant popular mistrust over the system that controls everything.
The system is personified by heads with buildings, money and gadgetry over their heads
...and the people trying to smash those who control those things.

Similar to the earlier pic, but it features the current society itself .
Likewise it meant the society as both heaven and hell.

But there are also some that seemed quite emphasising beauty as it feature women, but beauty is not enough  for there's idea embedded in the work itself.

A female rebel with a soldadera as its background.
This meant a continuation of a legacy, inheriting the valour and courage of a female warrior.

This may somehow meant a writer, inspired, writes about  "life, passion, rebellion...
and perhaps love as well."

And there are some nude ones, but sketching some does not mean thinking "erotic" the way others tend to think of immediately. Again, to a rational minded person, lies deeper meanings to be uncovered far from the stereotypical descriptions of "erotic", "delicious", or simply "eye candy" for a perverted mind. Classical works feat. nude or semi-nude may meant virility and youth, strength and femininity, or personifying a "noble savage" as what Rousseau thinks of during the age of enlightenment; weird isn't it but true enough for an artist to create so only to be reinterpreted, oops...perverted by others.

Sorry to say so, to others it may meant simply nudity,
but then this meant virility, youth and passion. It may somehow inspired enough
from some classical sculpture and paintings to create that kind of work.

Same as the earlier picture, but it showed the nude maiden
encouraged by  those personifying "plenty" and "creativity."
this may meant paving the way to  a "path" of "righteousness"
(yet there's no drawing of a path in there.)

Well, to a trying sketch artist who tend to create allegories through sketches, it is somehow a result of ideas and realities. It is somehow difficult to do so despite having a mind full of ideas gathered from every part of this hell of a kind world, whether in the book or outside and end up created works trying to explain something as possible.

Anyway, this meant the culture this writer tried to align with.
But this also meant the youth trying to resist the wave and the tide.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Reflections on watching Filipino Films

Reflections on watching Filipino Films 
(and how come the Industry comes dying)

As the title goes, this writer can't deny the fact he also watch filipino movies. Yes, that whether it is in a pirated DVD or in the Cable, this writer watch Filipino movies for a recreation or rather say just plain fun so to speak, except to those that is serious of course (Like Sakada or Sister Stella L.)

However, in this changing society, most movies, especially those which are part of Metro Manila Film Festival, ought to reflect in it, but instead we sought same old topics in a new setting. Whether it is fantasy, love, horror, suspense, or even porn, everyone simply sought it and thinking that they sought it again, again, ...and again. For sure most producers are quite tardy enough in producing genuinely new ones as they produced same old crap for their own sake, a typical reflection of a system that maintains its rotteness guised as prestige. 

Obviously, most Filipino films are rather made just for consumption regardless of its essence that is, nonsense. For sure most institutions rather emphasise producing money, increasing profits, less welfare and social development, these reflects the current structure the Philippines prevailing nowadays-a continuation of age old past further aggraviated.

And since this writer also thinks that most producers in the mainstream scene are quite tardy in creating genuinely new films, of putting new flavor and technology unto it, would think that like fertilizer given to a dying tree or plant desperately applied to make them live; as the film industry seemed to be dying (sorry to say so), due to influx of foreign films and rampant "piracy" (this writer would say that some makers of 'pirated' films are unearthing old films rather than those who really make profit unto new ones such those from the MMFF) prevailing this time around. By the way, are there any new, idealistic producers similar to Galleaga, Brocka, Bernal or Manuel Conde? Tikoy Aguiluz did so in his Asiong Salonga work, but then he end up dismayed due to the industry itself had done to the movie. (that of course, made its fans dismayed as they're tired of comedy and drama!)

Kinda weird that regardless of modern technology in showing movies, tv shows, even the internet, it rather lack reality and substance. Except to say that the producer was creating films for goddamn sake, it is all worthless so to speak, regardless of having bigger audiences as part of a film festival, with  titles leaving nothing to the imagination of the audience, same actors and actresses playing the lead roles, or some hot young flavor-of-the-month of one producer or another trying to parrot the same old crap as others may say so.

Otherwise, it is sort of crass imitation guised as modern-day work. Most have sought Bong Revilla's Panday II and kids somehow "loved" it regardless of being criticized for being a blatant rip-off of the 2010 Hollywood blockbuster remake of Clash of the Titans. Sorry to say so but then Panday had undergone a cheap modernization that would say having its essence far from Fernando Poe Jr's, otherwise it showed how desperate Carlo J. Caparas trying to maintain prestige regardless of not engaging directly in the Film industry, after all he's the one behind that Panday movies although most think of him as producer of massacre films, or using his parlance, Justice films.

Well, in midst of people looking at these eye candies regardless of being imitated from somewhere else, rehash of old works, or made all for goddamn sake, these are simply manifestations of having everyone be ought to escape rather than to face the problem, like taking Methampetamine or Extacy so to speak, giving them short term "relaxation" yet the crisis worsen-to think that most producers are producing for money rather than for culture.

And as for Panday, this person prefer FPJ's. There's a lot dignity in it for they use real music. And for sure there are producers willing enough to create new movies not for the sak of winning the contest but to express their views that perhaps make the industry revived and going.