Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Even the greasy person reads and reflects a lot"

"Even the greasy person reads and reflects a lot"


It was early evening when this writer took a shot of this person reading something.

He seems to be enjoying reading a pocketbook while fornicating, was he reading a pocketbook whose story   was full of eroticism? Maybe-that made this person took a shot and left away, in danger of having his camera stole or made the one reading got an ire and make a fiasco out of it.

Anyways, nothing happened after that action taken.

In fact, it is quite rare for a greasy person, a hobo, or the poorest of the poor who engage in reading such as this; usually we see them sleeping or reflecting something, trying to escape from an hell of a kind world such as this, and yet still living by craving what is edible in their eyes and mouths driven in hunger.


This writer was seemingly quite concerned about these people. Indeed they are driven crazy and it is weird to get concerned over them, but does it mean it is not right to get concerned over these long-suffering people? In fact most of them are driven crazy due to the problems they've difficultly tried to carry on and instead tending to escape on it, otherwise a result from their drug addiction, especially meth that made their minds "dried up" to nothing.

Yes, these people are strange in everybody's eyes, most scorn and treat them as objects of curiosity,  yet how come that person on the first photo had time to read a pocketbook? Is there any a figment of sanity that made this person do so?

From the main thoroughfares of Recto, Quezon Boulevard, Espana, these people perhaps is the Philippines' own "untouchable" class. Few would dare to admit these people and rehabilitate, as most rather treat them with scorn.

Living in near-savagery and surviving through scavenge, this writer would say that these are rather trying to escape the modern-day inferno what Julius Evola hath spoken. Most tend to experiment themselves in meth and other kinds of drugs, the pain in their mindsets made themselves in a condition that is "dried up" becoming both victims and monsters in everyone's eyes.

Weird isn't it that this writer made about this hell of a kind writeup? It all reminds of what Julius Evola hath said, that:

"man lacks the ability to become fully realized." 

Indeed, that in a fast-changing world, of everyone becoming a mere creature driven by a cycle of consumer goods, it is common to see there are people trying to escape in it; they've been experimenting themselves with doses of their own soma, wanting happiness so to speak (sorry Huxley), yet still despite all of their efforts to achieve an impossible dream of self-realization, they fail.

This writer rather say that the never ending control of the rotten system also created these so-called "trash" that they tried to capture, imprison, rehabilitate or perhaps experimenting them. The endless delirium of narcotics, narcissism, the decadence of materialism made humanity tries its best to escape if not to revolt; that perhaps this writer's mentor, Lǔ Xùn say that the norms, mores, traditions and contemporary kinds of crap around the society brings conclusion that everyone around the society as potential man-eaters; that made Lǔ Xùn, through his "Madman's diary" brought a message that is "revolt against tradition."

That, until today most dared to become rebellious against the system and the "tradition" what the system tends to foster everyone over. The hobos, greasy persons are merely victims that made themselves contemplate, reflect over and over as it tries to escape from this "living world" of ours the way those person from above do so; their foul mouthed sentiments and moves meant something everyone, even this writer tries to understood if not shooking it off and treating it as a minor, harassing matter.

Anyways, worth admitting that the world is fast becoming hell for everyone, as the latter is willing to revolt against it-by breaking the norm that is, binding and reducing the fury into a mere sentiment, dream that is worth throwing like garbage.