Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"To the ones who love to sagging pants and ...sing in high decibels"

"To the ones who love sagging pants and ...sing in high decibels"

It seems that everyone is being eaten by the flow.

As the music being played its common tunes in the radio, most of it are either played to consume or played all for the sake of being played; especially those that made everyone ought to imitate, thinking what is "trash" as "cool" to hear and portray in it.

That made this writer quite pessimistic to unveil the strangeness of everyone affected and enticed to act someone-whether as a faux African-American from the Ghettoes of New York to the ones singing all in high decibels.

Thinking that the contemporary culture nowadays seemed to be far from its essence that others may think of it as degenerated.

Indeed that it is degenerated than youthful to see and hear music that is crassly imitated all for the sake of profit and popularity. And to think that it is weird why most singers tend to emulate all for the sake of fans and profit, that made Justin Bieber being scorned by some as a "Whigger" due to his music and antics, while people getting tired of singers trying to emulate Whitney Houston, sorry to say but it seems that music nowadays is made to consume, than as means of expression as what supposed to be.

This writer knows that there are some who may offend in this writeup, he made it thinking that are most Filipinos tend to imitate others for the sake of fame? To think that singing in high decibels would make "promising singers" win the contests"? How about those who sing Folk, Punk? Does it mean they should also sing RnB, Pop and Rap? There are really good and promising singers, but does it mean that they should join the flow, of thinking merely of popularity than expression. This writer also sings songs that are some whose ends are in high decibels, but it doesn't mean he loves to sing it nor he listens what goes on in the radio thinking that most are trash or made to consume.

...that he bid recall his poem that criticizes what he sees as "sugar-coated poison."

Every day every night in the radio
"Teach me how to Dougie" until signing off
Otherwise someone singing "Hari ng Tondo"
That some people making them Freaking on

Then after the music comes in the news
Like tabloids i say full of rape as cues
Then followed by jokes no laughs full of shit
And music again with a nonsense beat...

Every jeep taxi bus playing novelties
And pissing minds in shitty jokes
Making me annoying as common tunes been played
wanna have a walk out to my home where I stayed...

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!

(excerpt from Stop the Cali Swag)

Sorry to say so, but this writer who is behind that poem acted like Egor Letov as the latter assails the culture that is quite made to consume.

As everyone nowadays tend to act like somebody else such as singing high decibels as panacea for successful music careers, how about those who chose who doesn't like it? Is singing a la Bruno Mars, Black Eyed Peas, Cali Swag District, Justin Beiber should be the norm nowadays all for the sake of fame than of talent? Of sagging pants that others tend to think of it as against conventional norms-at first yes, but it end up negates its meaning except popularity.

And somehow out of these, this made this writer continuously defy the flow as this world and its culture became a circus-cum-zoo and slaughterhouse. Indeed, Lu Xun is right to say that the norms and mores are made to "eat people"; that made Egor Letov look at it with scorn and say that:

"If all the normal people would just leave the zoo-like world and start to live according to the principles of self-reliance or personal freedom ... all of that world would die...I see that many people in the West think the same. I consider myself a lucky man, because I am seeing evolution happening before my eyes."

And as to those who love to sag their pants and thinking of it as making them famous in the pretext of expression, here's the song made for them:

Sorry to say so, but just being straight the way this person said so.