Thursday, 24 May 2012

What makes resisting the "flow" justifiable?

What makes resisting the "flow" justifiable?

Well, this writer would say at first that it is quite common for him to resist against this "hell of a kind" modern day world what others tend to say as "ours."

All fueled by technology and modern-day slave labour, these created modern-day edifices, gadgetry, fashion, accessory, music, everything that others may call it as "lifestyle."

And somehow it became obligatory for everyone to "join the flow" to make all dreams possible.


...What makes resisting the "Flow" justifiable?

Noticing that most people are driven by the trend, these people didn't notice that the trend they are enjoying meant selling their own lives to the "devils" whom they didn't know. From the music being played in the radio, overtly repititive dance moves, to the use of beats by Dr. Dre for display purposes in their ears, fashion statements, made this writer think that they are swallowed by the flow without thinking what come's next.


And as time goes by joining the "flow" created countless unknown victims, not really physical yet their minds became boxed up, this writer was once a victim of discrimination simply because he resist the flow, he once tried to join the trend his classmates enjoyed with but since most think of him as weird, then he shunned of. After all, he's listening to гражданская оборона instead of Justin Bieber and Cali Swag District although he loves to listen to Tupac yet he listens much to Aggressive Dog Attack and some oldies (like Spandau Ballet, Propaganda or The Cure.).

In other words, noticing that he sought strange people being eaten by the flow, of becoming cannibals themselves preying upon the innocent, then this writer dared to resist against them; resist using their so-called modernity as he could the way he endure the taunt years before. 

For sure there are others tend to assail this writeup and telling that this writer speaks for another "Sonno Joi" sentiment, but these narrow minded fools who think that modernity is capitalism's gift didn't notice that some creators didn't create something all for the sake of fame and wealth, in an instance it is the will of man to use something for his own benefit-it is man who also has the decision over the tools he've created or bought, it is strange to say "you use facebook" yet "you are against capitalism" not noticing that your clothes came from a sweatshop whose workers are underfed, underpaid, living in badly conditions whose owners forced them to produce more for the owner's benefit; otherwise they don't know what their enemy Lenin said so:

"...will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

And somehow that message means using facebook or any other modern tool yet used by those who are against their respective systems are itself becoming weapons. How come Yugoslavs during the early days of World War II fought against Germans in the air using German-made planes? Those from the Luftwaffe were quite confused that their planes pointed against themselves, so are the people who use social media such as Facebook, modern day gadgetry, even music into a weapon of dissent.

After all, it is right to rebel so to speak while others think that it would be strange to think about resisting the flow yet enjoys modern day gadgetry isn't it? Of enjoying moden lifestyle yet not updated in the current trends of today? Obviously it is not necessary to be modern by joining the flow and dubbed thee as trendy, worse it negates human will as its very own mind end up focused rather on the commodity rather than its own will the way Lu Xun hath said about antiquated morality "eats" people.

To think that Tupac Shakur used music to vent his sentiment against the police, urging unity of ghetto inhabitants against the system; yes most people ought to listen to his music yet they simply listen without understanding what he's conveying, no offense they're memorizing Tupac's yet they are listening wholeheartedly to others with hordes of sagging pants with the latter thinking of it as expression.

To others that is expression, but on the contrary that is stupidity. To think that the growing trend of sagging pants as expression rather loses its essence and instead merely as a fashion statement that some think of it as  catered to the underclass, sorry to those who are offended then.

But, to think about  youngsters coming from illegal settlements in Manila's suburbs and surrounding towns, despite they're poor yet having faux silver bought in Divisoria, they even afford to play computers and listen to rap music, but to look at them closer they are easy to ridicule they're poor yet they are bragging that they're "gangsters" or something?
These matters are stemmed on the neocolonial thinking as the influx of imported goods laid something inimical to social growth that is organic. To think that Contemporary Asians, especially Filipinos are criticized for acting like somebody else, especially African-Americans that made them branded as "Asian Niggers" by its detractors. To think that since Filipino contemporary culture becomes ghettoized due to the rapid influx of imports (in the name of free trade of course), then why not resist? The way old school rappers like Tupac or Marxman tend to convey messages of struggle such as emancipating from the ghetto, from the repressive policies or what, instead of contemporary escapist inclination such as "becoming millionaires" such as Wiz Kalifa.

In an instance, civil rights activist "General" Larry Platt criticized sagging pants as a trend thinking that they are stupid to describe as an expression; who's to think about stupidity as an expression? Who's the right to get ridiculed and be given controversy the way Lady Gaga liked to? Such cultures, inclinations rather fuels reactions that some who ought to convey their expression desperately tries to justify it further; but still, sagging pants, wearing Dr. Dres in their necks for display purposes, desperate buying of branded goods (even imitation ones),  all in their favorite inclination of fetishism called "trend" and "flow".

Perhaps, this writer made even recall what Constantin Von Hoffmeister said:

"Grey Pants are Grey Pants."

And thus, why Levi's, Jag? No matter what are they, Jeans are Jeans! Supra? Nike? Converse? No matter what are they, Rubber shoes are Rubber shoes! Most simply buy out of trend, a fetish rather than a purpose; same as in music, composers play to convey their feelings, messages than to have fans run over themselves and brag that they made music. This writer made him think why does people enjoy such a "lifestyle" that requires selling themselves to the devil a la Faustus?

Once, this writer made a writeup about Jella D Yoza, she didn't pose merely for popularity purposes such as  exposing breasts or what, she loves her body that she loves to make pose of herself even near nude; yes, there are people who are trying hard to pose nude, but upon looking at pictures, made this writer think why not expose themselves if they truly love their bodies? Posing without any reason other than mere seduction or attention getting is mere narcissism so to think of: looking in front of the mirror, wearing lingerie or covering her breasts with her arm, taking shots via a camera from somebody else's cellphone, why not expose breasts instead then? The statue of Diana, Artemis and paintings of Odalisques some exposed their breasts and its nipples, but they aren't made merely to convey beauty alone as females.

Quite weird isn't it? People come and go for the flow without getting critical. Does it mean having modern day gadgetry without any purpose makes a person modern? Sheesh. What the heck is that person who burns money a lot for a personal fetish then? Indeed, that person is merely born to buy, consume and die without having a degree of self-realization.

Well, apologies to some who may offend but this criticism reflects reality that makes resisting the "flow" justifiable. This writer knows how narrow minded persons tend to say this and that as if they are wise enough to interpret things yet too focused on their escapist inclinations guised as ideals and dreams. If Lu Xun assailed the antiquated past, so is this writer in assailing a decadent future guised as modernity.

For now, here's a music from гражданская оборона, enjoy!