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Tis the end...and the beginning of the end

Tis the end...and the beginning of the end

By Katleah Ulrike

"The Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, having tried Renato C. Corona, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, upon three Articles of Impeachment charged against him by the House of Representatives, by a guilty vote of 20 senators found him guilty of the charge under Article II of the said Articles of Impeachment,"
-Juan Ponce Enrile 
in  declaring Renato Corona "Guilty" 

After 43 trial days, the case hath been settled.

As 20 Senator-Judges voted nay and 3 as no, Chief Justice Renato Corona end up impeached, stripped off his title, and hence guilty of a crime involving money, power and perhaps vengeance.

At first, people would say that Corona simply accept the post of the Chief Justice out of a mere practical reason that "Lawyers had a dream of that said post in the Supreme Court", obviously the sense of delicadeza hath been disregarded in favor of that said practical alibi, that made Corona be called "Arroyo's stooge" and his court as "Arroyo's court."

But then, the courts rather focused entirely on financial matters that affected Corona's prestige as the head of the Judiciary. Everyone all heard "Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth" over and over again while Corona tried to act like Pontius Pilate or denying this and that despite having such property, wealth in his and his family's name; the Basas, his wife's family took opportunity in pointing against him especially in regards to the Basa-Guidote property in Manila. All eyes are pointing to his accountability that he himself ought to deny over and over-thinking that the matter are rather purely political yet the evidences stated are far from politically-inclined alibis such as a penthouse suite, Dollars, and assets far from his denials such as he as a simpleton and without any housekeeper.

As according to David Michael San Juan, said:

"Bravo! A man who betrayed public trust by deliberately excluding some of his assets in the Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) is on the verge of being ousted from his post. What’s next then? Expect business as usual. This is all for show. What’s the proof that this is just all for show? Remember the day congressmen and congresswomen who instantly endorsed and signed the impeachment complaint started clamoring for Chief Justice Corona to sign a waiver that will allow them to scrutinize all his bank accounts?"

Well, such events within the session hall were too focused on financial matters. Corona seems that he's trying to convey that "Economics are for donkeys" yet having a degree related to Business Administration such as in Ateneo de Manila and Harvard. To convey that "Economics are for donkeys" yet having amassed properties such as $10 to $12 million dollar accounts in 82 banks or even 4 dollar accounts in 4 banks as what Corona said  would say that "how come a simpleton who denies having housekeepers had an account such as a million dollar one?" A simpleton who had the guts not to believe in Asset-Debit would rather not to have a bank account or if he has, be purely based on his salaries and savings alike; after all being a Government official meant a degree of easy money that is tempting, and treating "Economics are for donkeys" may meant spending a hard earned money for basics such as food and utilities what a responsible simpleton ought to be.

This writer doesn't say something directly against Corona, such issues like these are rather involve certain officials whose amassed wealth are far from what is registered in their SALNs; obviously the latter may ought to deny this and justify that their relatives control those share such as Corona's statement involving his daughter controlling one of his properties including some of his dollars. 

That made San Juan again stated:

Theoretically, there are hundreds of Coronas out there: public officials who are afraid to disclose everything that they have (yes, they rightly think that being so rich in a very poor country is somewhat wrong). It’s just that they’re yet to be caught. And since the waiver issue is fast fading in the people’s consciousness, there’s very little chance that we would see more of them caught and punished.

After all, as Congressmen, Senators, even the President himself and his retinue been compelled to show transparency through showing their SALNs, most are rather afraid to show or even play like Pontius Pilate to justify their denial. Corona may've denied this and that, while at the same time acknowledging his "mistakes" as if very minor to his; but as expected he failed to sort out which property came from clean, modest means and the dirty ones as what other Government officials failed to do so. Obviously they don't like to act like former Congressman Way Kurat whose only vehicle is his Bicycle, but they also deny having properties or wealth coming to this and that or even passing theirs to someone else and appear as if nothing happened.

This writer even ridicule why Corona hath to sold his property to his daughter? Why not have it as a present instead? Business matters so to see in these that is supposedly personal ones such as property and that includes transferring names.

Using Hacienda Luisita as its counterpunch
...and a joyride of  "populists" using the Hacienda for supporting Corona

Upon days assessing the entire event, this writer somehow felt that the tiral involving CJ Corona is also a matter of revenge.

Yes, he was appointed by Arroyo, whom today's Aquino and the rest ostracised her followed by scrutinizing his accounts and properties not registered in his SALN, only to be respond with a mere  "counterpunch" that includes the distribution of lands such as Hacienda Luisita; but still not enough to consider the counterpunch enough to gain support from the majority who knows Aquino and Arroyo are both sides of the same coin- as evidenced by the massacre years ago.

Quite strange isn't it that regardless of prayers, rallies, all end up nothing especially using the issue involving Hacienda Luisita. Some tend to connect it, of course because Corona simply implement the law giving away those land, but obviously few farmers from the Hacienda supported him, and the rest are rather merely supporters of Arroyo who vent rage against Aquino for hatred towards their dear leader and her retinue! How come?
They simply assail Aquino for his incompetence, contented in his circle of PR men and certain "Leftists" such as Hontiveros, Llamas et al. but did they assess the shortcomings of the Arroyo regime such as its (near) militarist stance and its policies? Of justifying Charter Change or even putting patriotic shit to justify policies deemed as "antipeople"?

Perhaps, this writer would say that they are all in the system that made Marlene Aguilar assailed over for having her son Jason Ivler imprisoned, or even BongBong Gising for calling Aquino "Demon from Vietnam" and the Marcoses "for giving him a shit in his mind", sorry to say so stating them as their examples; but in an assessment, personalities within the order such as Corona, Arroyo, Aquino belong to a same rotten order of things people dared to oppose over by ballot box or by pillbox bomb. And Aquino's alibi of Corona as Arroyo's stooge and Corona's Hacienda Luisita are rather punches to justify people's discontent on both sides. To think that yes, Corona did good in issuing order for the Hacienda be distributed, but does it mean would made him give a good image to a person appointed in the middle of the election period from a person hated by many? 

Perhaps few remember then Chief Justice Felix Makasiar being assailed for being a Marcos stooge (especially when he ruled in favor of the defendants in the pending murder trial of Benigno Aquino, Jr.), same as Corona (for overturning the truth commission against the Arroyo regime). They may've done good but does not mean can absolve from being related to past regimes gated by the people. Corona may have assailed the left the way Arroyo's loyalists and militarists do, they've even also cheered over in regards to the Hacienda given to the peasants aside from having a joyride clamoring against the oligarchs and such, but they do also have oligarchs and landords amongst themselves isn't it? Or even foreign investors as its allies thinking about possible plans for making the Hacienda as an example for a possible market? 
Anyways, farmers tilling the Hacienda's very own soil would think rather that they may have the land given but still they're yearning for justice such as Arroyo, then commander in chief and Aquino, the landlord in their Massacre-in other words, assailing the two as part of defending their newly acquired land, they're left by nature so to speak-given that Central Luzon was and is a bulwark of the left that made every leader from the ruling class a headache.

...and the ones who are against Aquino, as well as the Leftists simply joined the joyride against the Oligarchs such as Lopez yet preaching about the market anot not social justice. Did they oppose Henry Sy? Danding Cojuangco? Ayalas? Tantocos? Manny Pangilinan? This made Marcos's rebellion of the poor useless nor its democratic revolution from the center for having a rotten system intact and given a modern facade similar to the walls that hid the eyesore from the eyes of foreign diplomats in Pasay.

...that somehow includes distributing Hacienda Luisita to the farmers yet assailing the ones who have defending their homes in Silverio Compound. The latter even paid peso by peso to have it "theirs" as possible yet demolished for a project made by Henry Sy's SM, thus is their so-called social justice encompasses everyone? Or simply choosy in the pretext of people should support this and that and other pseudo-welfare state concepts? This means hypocrisy as mere populists bannering democracy, anti-elitism yet wanting a new class such as theirs on the top. You may be against oligarchs, but opening the country totally to foreigners all in the guise of "development" and "progress"? Hypocrites to the trying hard Nouveau Riche!

After all, the system remains rotten as everyone sees of it. Good to hear Corona's order in giving distributing the Hacienda, but does not mean supporting him; the farmers are delighted to have their land but does not mean they'll forget both Arroyo and Aquino for their injustices laid against them and that includes assailing a stubling block to their aspirations of justice they way they ought to defend their right to till, so are the Flight  Attendants from FASAP demanding justice after Corona's action reversing their victory over PAL.

Miriam Santiago acting like Torquemada in her pulpit.
Seems that she treats the court as if like in the middle ages.

Tis the end...and the beginning of the end

But regardless of these, people would rather create discontent on both sides justifying their shit as if their grandpa as intelligent as other grandpas; Corona's fall does not mean the end but the beginning of certain issues and incidents that perhaps hasten discontent, and perhaps the end of a system that made El Filibusterismo's Simoun be bombed by his nitroglycerin. Sorry to say so but it is the people against the system not Left vs. Right as what this writer sees this time.

If this writer were Corona, he would have also tend to unleash exposes involving Government officials (like Assange's Wikileaks and Lt. Bradley Manning's expose involving Soldiers in Iraq) to everyone as good punches also need good counterpunches too the way he uses Hacienda Luisita as his alibi for attacking the Aquinos; after all he would have said that he'll "see everyone in Hell" so to speak.

That somehow realize what militarist right-wingers guised as "Democrats" usually said:

"Using Democracy to destroy Democracy"

Indeed, it is the people who had the right to destroy the system's "Democracy" for their "Democracy". Lucky that these people are restrained by compassion and faith, but if not then expect a bloody purge somewhere out there -justifying that the only law in this world is the law of the jungle.

...that makes the beginning of the end justifiable. Sorry to say so, Life is a HUNGER GAME!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

"Becoming Егор Летов (Egor Letov)"

"Becoming Егор Летов" 
(Egor Letov)

Well, aside from Lu Xun and other popular writers and commentators this writer's ideas derived from, he also took idea from a singer whose words carry reality and against the norm: Egor Letov.

Known for his songs and its connections with Eduard Limonov's National Bolshevik Party, Letov showed his disgust over the system and its way of life; and with his music made people somehow tend to self actualize and gain conciousness being victims of a system sprung after the downfall of the Soviet Union last 1991.

As according to Wikipedia:

"Certainly a prolific musician, Letov is a controversial figure. He was controversial in the mid-to-late 1980s when he satirized the Soviet system, and helped develop a gritty Soviet punk sound with folk underpinnings. After the fall of the USSR and especially 1993 Russian constitutional crisis he disappointed in Yeltsin's government and made friends and fans out of nationalists and communists. In later years, Letov distanced himself from any political ideology, stating (in 2004) "We're patriots, but not Nazis. ... All the totalitarians - right, left, of all colors and stripes - fuck you.""

But then despite being distanced, his name always be remembered as one of the figures from the National Bolshevik Party like Limonov, yes, he satirized the Soviet system, yet he is a patriot whose music is a concoction of punk and folk with fans from both left and right admiring him for being against the norm.

With Eduard Limonov

It is quite weird for the writer to write and perhaps listen to that kind of singer, for sure some would say why not listen to Kurt Cobain? Yes, Cobain is good singer same as this Russian bard. To think that music nowadays became merely crap and poison other than a cure for desperate and saddened hearts, this writer rather chose to be picky which music he ought to listen to- after all popular music isn't really popular at all as of these days unlike before whose songwriters and singers really expressed well and conveying messages instead of stressing face value or compelled to vent in high decibels.

And perhaps, upon listening to his music, this writer made himself inspired and compelled to make some versions based from the late Letov's compositions, he may not speak Russian but to hear his music made him relate and make his own carrying the melodies he listened to. 
However, only two were made using Letov's music as its melody. Being against the system, it satirizes contemporary culture while another one showed lament after being left by a someone whom admired with. Quite weird to use Letov instead of mainstream artists whose songs played in the radio or make thine own melody the way he made poetry, in response this would say to them:

"I am not a musician. I love music but I am a letrophile that is, far from writing notes and playing instruments".

Anyways, this writer made this writeup as a tribute to Egor Letov. It makes no sense if everyone rather get contented in what is given while others tend to enjoy the frivolities of life as if infinite, again others would dare to incriminate simply because this writer uses technology yet the mindset is against the norm; is that so? How come Letov, Lu Xun uses every modern medium in pursuit of advancing radical change: Letov uses punk rock, Lu uses modernism in literature, and yet they are against the repressive nature of their systems antiquated or modern; quite weird to think of the narrow minded whose consciousness is on how to join the flow, buy and consume all without understanding. 

Here are the poems set into the melody of Egor Letov's music:

(made partly inspired from the song "Stop the Rolling Stones")

Every day every night in the radio
"Teach me how to Dougie" until signing off
Otherwise someone singing "Hari ng Tondo"
That some people making them Freaking on

Then after the music comes in the news
Like tabloids i say full of rape as cues
Then followed by jokes no laughs full of shit
And music again with a nonsense beat...

Every jeep taxi bus playing novelties
And pissing minds in shitty jokes
Making me annoying as common tunes been played
wanna have a walk out to my home where I stayed...

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!

Next day black and yellow as the common tune
No Lito Camo, Ely, Bamboo
And looking at ladies wearing short shorts
less dignities full of make up worn

Then at the store full of clients went
Looking for a varsity jacket
They want "swagger" written at their back
Fucking mainstream culture-fuck....

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!...

To the offended, sorry to say so, but like Letov, he end up making a satire in regards to the Rolling Stones that made this writer create after "getting tired" of hearing, not listening mainstream music in the radio. To think about someone who likes "Teach me how to Dougie" is also the one who once listen to "Emo music" then after listening and dancing to the current tune be followed by another. Quite strange to see people "gone joined the flow" just to be famous so to speak.

Another poem, entitled "Gia", was made months after. It rather showed lament after being left by a someone whom admired with, and at that time this writer felt saddened out of having misunderstanding with the one whom made him inspired; thus he conveyed his supposed "feelings" into poetry.

(Made partly inspired by "My Defence")

Your beauty makes someone get killed
Your beauty makes someone get loved
Your moves gives inspiring to steal
As your love gives hope to the failed

And yet you had left me and I don't know what's coming

oh...Gia my Gia
Why do you leave me in the world of nowhere?
oh...Gia my Gia
Why do you leave me in the world of nowhere?
I am alone and now looking for somewhere?

Your love keeps me warm as I live
The way your songs makes my wounds heal
Your moves gives fire to the cause
As people make them angst, arouse

And yet you had left me and I don't know what's happ'ning

oh...Gia my Gia
Why do you leave me in this world of nowhere?
oh...Gia my Gia
Is my love nonsense as you left for somewhere?
I don't know why you had leave me without care?

Your beauty makes someone get killed
Your beauty makes someone get loved
Your moves gives inspiring to steal
As your love gives hope to the failed

And yet you had left me and I don't know what's happ'ning

oh...Gia my Gia
Why do you leave me in this world of nowhere?
oh...Gia my Gia
Is my love nonsense as you left for somewhere?
I don't know why you had leave me without care?

Well again, quite weird to put words and play it to the tune of what Letov hath made for his songs. After all, as Letov said:

"I am always against."

Egor Letov's grave.
He died in his sleep four years
before this writer made this writeup in his memory. 

He may've been dead years before but through him also laid foundations like others the creation of anti-system music using Punk as its genre. After all, he's the "Father of Russian Punk."

And again, these works are made not just for Letov alone, but also to the one this writer who made him inspired wholehartedly regardless of getting saddened after: Gia Hilado.

Thursday, 24 May 2012




It was last year when this writer listened much to this kind of song he recalled from his childhood days.

A reaction from a revival of the same theme made by a band named "6cyclemind", that song made this writer compelled to create an Italian words based on that theme. Yes, since he's also a once avid listener of Radio Bandiera Nera.

It is quite strange for this writer to made an Italian version with a help from the dictionary and a translator, yes that perhaps thinking that it would be strange to create an Italian version without getting literal and technical in translating from Filipino to Italian via English, even trying to have an assistance to create those words fitting for the music. 

After all, made in 1995, "Princesa" became one of the recognized music to those born in the 90s. This writer somehow quite related to those times that, as he listened to some Italian rock music from Radio Bandiera Nera, then why not create an Italian words from the song "Princesa"? 

(versione Italiano)

Stava seduto in un angolo buio
Non conosco sapere perché migliaia di donne non
Meno di un minuto, sono caduto per l'interno si

Voglio sentire la vostra voce
Aspettatevi anche che spero di toccare il palmo
Voglio venire a 'non solo per abbracciare l'uomo

Portarmi alla tua palazzo
Camminiamo nel giardino del tuo regno
Io non appartengono
Impegno al reddito permanente
servito O la mia principessa

'Non ho sonno, ho pensato che la luminosità dei tuoi occhi
Abbiamo in mente tutta la mattina, la notte
Spero sempre di vedere, o immaginare il dolore è un sogno, proprio sogno

Portarmi alla tua palazzo
Camminiamo nel giardino del tuo regno
Io non appartengono
Impegno al reddito permanente
servito O la mia principessa

Quite crude though in making those words, least he's simply thinking after listening to Radio Bandiera Nera then why not make words from "Prinsesa"; such music from the past made this writer quite ridicule are there any good music these days after getting tired from those singing whose emphasis is on high decibels, face value and lyrics without any emotion or soul that makes a listener inspired without buying a CD? 

Anyways, that theme is made for the women whom this writer made him inspired to write and draw, yes, muses of the arts so to speak; giving art a "soul" rather than "ego" what today's music and culture sees nowadays.

What makes resisting the "flow" justifiable?

What makes resisting the "flow" justifiable?

Well, this writer would say at first that it is quite common for him to resist against this "hell of a kind" modern day world what others tend to say as "ours."

All fueled by technology and modern-day slave labour, these created modern-day edifices, gadgetry, fashion, accessory, music, everything that others may call it as "lifestyle."

And somehow it became obligatory for everyone to "join the flow" to make all dreams possible.


...What makes resisting the "Flow" justifiable?

Noticing that most people are driven by the trend, these people didn't notice that the trend they are enjoying meant selling their own lives to the "devils" whom they didn't know. From the music being played in the radio, overtly repititive dance moves, to the use of beats by Dr. Dre for display purposes in their ears, fashion statements, made this writer think that they are swallowed by the flow without thinking what come's next.


And as time goes by joining the "flow" created countless unknown victims, not really physical yet their minds became boxed up, this writer was once a victim of discrimination simply because he resist the flow, he once tried to join the trend his classmates enjoyed with but since most think of him as weird, then he shunned of. After all, he's listening to гражданская оборона instead of Justin Bieber and Cali Swag District although he loves to listen to Tupac yet he listens much to Aggressive Dog Attack and some oldies (like Spandau Ballet, Propaganda or The Cure.).

In other words, noticing that he sought strange people being eaten by the flow, of becoming cannibals themselves preying upon the innocent, then this writer dared to resist against them; resist using their so-called modernity as he could the way he endure the taunt years before. 

For sure there are others tend to assail this writeup and telling that this writer speaks for another "Sonno Joi" sentiment, but these narrow minded fools who think that modernity is capitalism's gift didn't notice that some creators didn't create something all for the sake of fame and wealth, in an instance it is the will of man to use something for his own benefit-it is man who also has the decision over the tools he've created or bought, it is strange to say "you use facebook" yet "you are against capitalism" not noticing that your clothes came from a sweatshop whose workers are underfed, underpaid, living in badly conditions whose owners forced them to produce more for the owner's benefit; otherwise they don't know what their enemy Lenin said so:

"...will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

And somehow that message means using facebook or any other modern tool yet used by those who are against their respective systems are itself becoming weapons. How come Yugoslavs during the early days of World War II fought against Germans in the air using German-made planes? Those from the Luftwaffe were quite confused that their planes pointed against themselves, so are the people who use social media such as Facebook, modern day gadgetry, even music into a weapon of dissent.

After all, it is right to rebel so to speak while others think that it would be strange to think about resisting the flow yet enjoys modern day gadgetry isn't it? Of enjoying moden lifestyle yet not updated in the current trends of today? Obviously it is not necessary to be modern by joining the flow and dubbed thee as trendy, worse it negates human will as its very own mind end up focused rather on the commodity rather than its own will the way Lu Xun hath said about antiquated morality "eats" people.

To think that Tupac Shakur used music to vent his sentiment against the police, urging unity of ghetto inhabitants against the system; yes most people ought to listen to his music yet they simply listen without understanding what he's conveying, no offense they're memorizing Tupac's yet they are listening wholeheartedly to others with hordes of sagging pants with the latter thinking of it as expression.

To others that is expression, but on the contrary that is stupidity. To think that the growing trend of sagging pants as expression rather loses its essence and instead merely as a fashion statement that some think of it as  catered to the underclass, sorry to those who are offended then.

But, to think about  youngsters coming from illegal settlements in Manila's suburbs and surrounding towns, despite they're poor yet having faux silver bought in Divisoria, they even afford to play computers and listen to rap music, but to look at them closer they are easy to ridicule they're poor yet they are bragging that they're "gangsters" or something?
These matters are stemmed on the neocolonial thinking as the influx of imported goods laid something inimical to social growth that is organic. To think that Contemporary Asians, especially Filipinos are criticized for acting like somebody else, especially African-Americans that made them branded as "Asian Niggers" by its detractors. To think that since Filipino contemporary culture becomes ghettoized due to the rapid influx of imports (in the name of free trade of course), then why not resist? The way old school rappers like Tupac or Marxman tend to convey messages of struggle such as emancipating from the ghetto, from the repressive policies or what, instead of contemporary escapist inclination such as "becoming millionaires" such as Wiz Kalifa.

In an instance, civil rights activist "General" Larry Platt criticized sagging pants as a trend thinking that they are stupid to describe as an expression; who's to think about stupidity as an expression? Who's the right to get ridiculed and be given controversy the way Lady Gaga liked to? Such cultures, inclinations rather fuels reactions that some who ought to convey their expression desperately tries to justify it further; but still, sagging pants, wearing Dr. Dres in their necks for display purposes, desperate buying of branded goods (even imitation ones),  all in their favorite inclination of fetishism called "trend" and "flow".

Perhaps, this writer made even recall what Constantin Von Hoffmeister said:

"Grey Pants are Grey Pants."

And thus, why Levi's, Jag? No matter what are they, Jeans are Jeans! Supra? Nike? Converse? No matter what are they, Rubber shoes are Rubber shoes! Most simply buy out of trend, a fetish rather than a purpose; same as in music, composers play to convey their feelings, messages than to have fans run over themselves and brag that they made music. This writer made him think why does people enjoy such a "lifestyle" that requires selling themselves to the devil a la Faustus?

Once, this writer made a writeup about Jella D Yoza, she didn't pose merely for popularity purposes such as  exposing breasts or what, she loves her body that she loves to make pose of herself even near nude; yes, there are people who are trying hard to pose nude, but upon looking at pictures, made this writer think why not expose themselves if they truly love their bodies? Posing without any reason other than mere seduction or attention getting is mere narcissism so to think of: looking in front of the mirror, wearing lingerie or covering her breasts with her arm, taking shots via a camera from somebody else's cellphone, why not expose breasts instead then? The statue of Diana, Artemis and paintings of Odalisques some exposed their breasts and its nipples, but they aren't made merely to convey beauty alone as females.

Quite weird isn't it? People come and go for the flow without getting critical. Does it mean having modern day gadgetry without any purpose makes a person modern? Sheesh. What the heck is that person who burns money a lot for a personal fetish then? Indeed, that person is merely born to buy, consume and die without having a degree of self-realization.

Well, apologies to some who may offend but this criticism reflects reality that makes resisting the "flow" justifiable. This writer knows how narrow minded persons tend to say this and that as if they are wise enough to interpret things yet too focused on their escapist inclinations guised as ideals and dreams. If Lu Xun assailed the antiquated past, so is this writer in assailing a decadent future guised as modernity.

For now, here's a music from гражданская оборона, enjoy!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

To the man behind the "madman" -a tribute to Lu Xun

To the man behind the "madman" -a tribute to Lu Xun

It was late afternoon when this writer went to Ongpin, Manila to buy some dextrose powder.

While walking, he seems to be reminiscing something, especially that he sought edifices and places of a past that everyone seemingly tend to be forgotten-knowing that those edifices are deemed to be full of grime, places of whores and pimps and eventually demolished for mere boxes, it seems that this writer think that most people are being eaten "by the flow" of commercialism-and this means forgetfulness, obsessed with materialism and dubbed thee as modernity and beauty, yet giving up something what others tend to call it as meaningful and just.

And so was what the late Lu Xun thinks about in a culture whose norm and more summarised in a sentence: "Eat People."

Born in 1881 at Zhejiang China, Lu Xun became konwn for his essays and short stories that became inspiration for the mass actions in China during its early years as a young republic.

Sensing that China during those times remained under same conditions with its vast majority repressed and poor, Lu Xun wrote 26 short stories, short commentaries, as well as translated foreign works into his native tounge. There many of the characters in his writings were painted with sharp humor and satire, recalling how people from different classes, including the vast majority of oppressed masses, had adopted slave-like ways and thinking under feudalism and imperialism.

One example of his satirical work is "The story of Ah Q", made in 1921, the story reflects the Chinese everydayman during the late Qing dynasty and ther early days of the republic, all criticized due to its lack of thoroughness as Ah Q, the main character of the said tale symbolized the failure of the revolution that meant modernity and progression; constantly bullied by his fellow villagers and unable to fight them, instead developed a dream world for himself and pretend to have won a "spiritual victory" whenever he was humiliated; but sadly he was put into trial as he was caught stealing and worse, with "revolutionaries" collaborated with the existing gentry Ah Q thinks of as contrary. There it reflects how the vast majority hath been betrayed and that the bourgeoisie rather compromised with the ruling gentry, all at the expense with its presupposed goals such as democracy and livelihood, according to the three peoples principles.

But another story Lu Xun became popular is the "Madman's Diary", written in 1918 and published in New Youth, it showed a furious attack on the old society and tradition. And through it Lu Xun conveyed his belief that Chinese people be emancipated through radical means such as breaking away with old, antiquated ideas the way Rizal, as Crisostomo Ibarra in Noli me Tangere paved way for a radical-minded Simoun.

According to the "diary", the Madman, a protagonist, is a paranoid obsessed by fear that his society was driven in a cannibalistic orgy. But despite his madness, he is able to diagnose the social cancer that penetrates deep through his society such as tradition: 
"In ancient times, as I recollect, people often ate human beings, but I am rather hazy about it. I tried to look this up but my history book has no chronology, and scrawled all over each page are the words 'virtue' and 'morality.' Since I could not sleep anyway, I read hard half the night, until I began to see words between the lines, the whole book being filled with the two words--'Eat People.'"

These somehow reflect a state of backwardness as Lu Xun directly attacks in it, as the Confucian classics bid everyone to "Eat people" through its norms and mores inimical to progression, that somehow made Chinese youth during his time tend to assail the classics and instead favoring science and liberal thinking: 
"Seeing the people in his village as potential man-eaters, he is gripped by the fear that everyone, including his brother, his venerable doctor and his neighbors, who are crowding about to watch him, are harboring cannibalistic thoughts on him" .

Quite weird to think of these in a contemporary setting such as todays, but in a backward-driven society ruled by the few that imposes norms and mores regardless of modern day education and gadgetry, this writer made him think that Lu Xun put things straight to the point, blaming the old society for keeping people backward as what today's commercialism for keeping people as mere consumers of goods with the few generously benefit from it; not noticing that everyone joining the "flow" "eats", "swallows" every individual with the latter unnoticeably knowing it thinking that the former as a norm that is ought to observe other than the one sponsored by the church and state.

After all, it is quite hard to deny an inconvenient truth such as what Lu Xun tried to vent upon. The allegedly Marcos-sponsored Pinoy Monkey Pride tried to be like Lu Xun's the way Alexander de Leche (of ALASKADOR) and professor David Michael San Juan did so. It is true enough that an inconvenient truth stir dissent as everyone dares to expose corruption, repression, poverty and directly blames a rotting society with the privileged few who controls in it. Then someone else dare to criticize his intention such as "why are you using computers or enjoying facebook" with a trying hard insistance of equating "technology" with "capitalism"! The irrationality of the latter unveils its narrow mindedness thinking that gadgetry, technology decides than the one who creates that is, man; and it somehow reflects a person being eaten by the norm that is, commercialism.

That somehow made this writer ridiucle over the narrow minded. They've been eaten by the "flow" guised as "modernity" as this writer had seen decades ago. Like Lu Xun, this writer sensed that as he sought the deteriorating nature of Avenida Rizal and perhaps Manila itself, of old facades and people craving for branded goods in ShoeMart Carriedo or overtly playing "Teach me how to Dougie" or "Super Bass" in the radio while keeping antiquated norms and mores such as the heavily criticized interference of the religious sector as the maintainer of social morals around (such as being against homosexuals, family planning, even Lady Gaga's 'Judas') felt that everyone is eaten without noticing that they've been eaten by the flow that made others benefit from the society's deteriorating nature guised as modernity.

And perhaps, few dare to resist and revolt against this rotting "modern" world full of cannibals guised as moralists. As the world became heavily corrupted by heavily influx of consumer goods and its side effects, repressive policies and of rotting morals "given modern garb" yet backward in its very own existence and essence, there will always be people, fun, free and rebellious who dares to resist those prevailing norms. Like Lu Xun's madman, offers a glimmer of hope:

"Perhaps there are still children who have not eaten men? Save the children."

And this writer, after bought his dextrose powder and some French bread, mantou, thinks that Lu Xun, like any other writers like Lewis Caroll or Jack London as his basis for some of his works. 

Strange to emulate him but to understand him like Rizal reminds of looking what 's going on in Manila-more Ah Qs and imitation foreign devils.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"To the ones who love to sagging pants and ...sing in high decibels"

"To the ones who love sagging pants and ...sing in high decibels"

It seems that everyone is being eaten by the flow.

As the music being played its common tunes in the radio, most of it are either played to consume or played all for the sake of being played; especially those that made everyone ought to imitate, thinking what is "trash" as "cool" to hear and portray in it.

That made this writer quite pessimistic to unveil the strangeness of everyone affected and enticed to act someone-whether as a faux African-American from the Ghettoes of New York to the ones singing all in high decibels.

Thinking that the contemporary culture nowadays seemed to be far from its essence that others may think of it as degenerated.

Indeed that it is degenerated than youthful to see and hear music that is crassly imitated all for the sake of profit and popularity. And to think that it is weird why most singers tend to emulate all for the sake of fans and profit, that made Justin Bieber being scorned by some as a "Whigger" due to his music and antics, while people getting tired of singers trying to emulate Whitney Houston, sorry to say but it seems that music nowadays is made to consume, than as means of expression as what supposed to be.

This writer knows that there are some who may offend in this writeup, he made it thinking that are most Filipinos tend to imitate others for the sake of fame? To think that singing in high decibels would make "promising singers" win the contests"? How about those who sing Folk, Punk? Does it mean they should also sing RnB, Pop and Rap? There are really good and promising singers, but does it mean that they should join the flow, of thinking merely of popularity than expression. This writer also sings songs that are some whose ends are in high decibels, but it doesn't mean he loves to sing it nor he listens what goes on in the radio thinking that most are trash or made to consume.

...that he bid recall his poem that criticizes what he sees as "sugar-coated poison."

Every day every night in the radio
"Teach me how to Dougie" until signing off
Otherwise someone singing "Hari ng Tondo"
That some people making them Freaking on

Then after the music comes in the news
Like tabloids i say full of rape as cues
Then followed by jokes no laughs full of shit
And music again with a nonsense beat...

Every jeep taxi bus playing novelties
And pissing minds in shitty jokes
Making me annoying as common tunes been played
wanna have a walk out to my home where I stayed...

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!

(excerpt from Stop the Cali Swag)

Sorry to say so, but this writer who is behind that poem acted like Egor Letov as the latter assails the culture that is quite made to consume.

As everyone nowadays tend to act like somebody else such as singing high decibels as panacea for successful music careers, how about those who chose who doesn't like it? Is singing a la Bruno Mars, Black Eyed Peas, Cali Swag District, Justin Beiber should be the norm nowadays all for the sake of fame than of talent? Of sagging pants that others tend to think of it as against conventional norms-at first yes, but it end up negates its meaning except popularity.

And somehow out of these, this made this writer continuously defy the flow as this world and its culture became a circus-cum-zoo and slaughterhouse. Indeed, Lu Xun is right to say that the norms and mores are made to "eat people"; that made Egor Letov look at it with scorn and say that:

"If all the normal people would just leave the zoo-like world and start to live according to the principles of self-reliance or personal freedom ... all of that world would die...I see that many people in the West think the same. I consider myself a lucky man, because I am seeing evolution happening before my eyes."

And as to those who love to sag their pants and thinking of it as making them famous in the pretext of expression, here's the song made for them:

Sorry to say so, but just being straight the way this person said so.

Friday, 11 May 2012

MORY: The "Dystopic" world of BongBong Gising and its relation to the desperate minds of today

The "Dystopic" world of BongBong Gising
and its relation to the desperate minds of today

Supposedly this should be made a year ago only because of some preoccupations this writer had to prioritize on. However, in revisiting his rants, feelings and wordplay, BongBong Gising rather gives a dystopic view of a world that perhaps few would ever imagine and most would think of him as a stoner.

...that made this writer write about a dystopic world that is a trying hard rival to today's "Hunger Games" and other sorts of dystopic novels young adults craved upon nowadays.

In fact, BongBong Gising, known for his rant in the LRT last 2010, became popular in Youtube with his wordplay had been transcribed as well as given subtitles in his first video. He was even widely watched and even had a fanpage made in honor of him.

However, due to that said popularity, that incident happened in the LRT wasn't noticed nor he was apprehended by the guards as that once metamphetamine addict had a "speech" with someone dared to record a video over in it; and perhaps that video somehow made the authorities given a strong security measure not just in every station but also on every LRT or MRT train itself.

It is quite strange to see that person speaking aloud yet few dared to listen simply because he as a drug addict, yet as for the video taken 2 years ago, and with the subtitles based from the transcription, it showed rather a sentiment, a "dystopic" world coming from a mind with strains of methamphetamine crawled over in it.

In his first video, at first he was simply giving a dystopic description of the Philippines as similar "Israel" and "Germany", as well as full of sophisticated weaponry and a state of the art computer known as the "Magnafanta", however it turned into a series of threats and rants as he urged someone to have a fistfight with him and called a "Gosling", even reminding to have some respect while he's talking.

Quite weird isn't it? Having a drug laced mindset gives "colours" and other dreamish features that would end up as words to be spoken, obviously, it's like similar to those who took Marijuana everyday just to write more what comes from a writer's once-barren mind; that perhaps made BongBong Gising even said himself being experimented by a "Demon" from Vietnam named "Noynoy Aquino", with his nose put in his heart and head with his pubic hair! "It change easy!" BongBong Gising said in that strange dystopic statement.

Obviously, in reading the entire statement BongBong Gising hath stated, it is sort of a science fiction made by a stoner. Yes, his words carry too much imagination fueled by snorting meth that gives a message that is unbelievable, or rather few to dare making a story out of it; based from his words such as "Magnafanta computer" and Carriedo (misspelt as Camiedo).

Here are the said "transcription" from the video taken 2 years before, those said in Filipino are italicized:

If you know this country,
this is a Israel
and this is also the germany ha,
Ha, I have a seven magnificent here

In this a hundred feet ground in the fault find
this country you know every station I know a copy

In R. Popeye Station,
I have 27 canyons
7 granites
and 27 full web disc nets
of PULL! Tanks!
Of negative 77 part of night shadow,
the fixer.

When I open the Malacañang sheety
in St. Jude hospital,
I have a seven grounds
of magnificent 7 treasure
of National golds of Columbia
and that is a pearl gold than buddha.

I know this City.

In this whole world,
I have many missiles in this kari,
I have 37 missiles under the ground of Camiedo (Carriedo)
and it was instant to look find because the 400 feet
was insent by my knuckled hotdog
of my shadow...

tha pain that hose...
of that Tingle...
of The Last Fogging of the Full Sea.
That is the magnafanta computer.

And I have peace in my mind
because Noynoy Aquino was fix that demon
define my three CHARRRACTER of a two hearts ♥ ♥
and shadow it and put in the pire
and I recover...

And I use drugs so top shabu.
So when I use drugs,
I pour remember my mory

aye Bongbong is your afoyren?
If you remember monster,
ti señore se teñore ha,
te goodmorning po,
pasensya na po.

That was the time I know,ha.
You better know the day.
I better for all, ah.

And you know this country
is a city kind of... god,
that is Jerusalem.

(Intermission, 5th Ave. Station)

Now for all of you!
If you contact Mrs. Marcos
or anybody who is in Marcos Family,
you told them:

"Hey batter!
His father you rrrespect my mind boy!
It's just an innocent time!
You give me a shit of mind!"

Better respect somebody's talking!
If you don't like my dialogue you go out in the city!
I'm a Police also!

I'm an NBI! I'm FBI!
You better talk to... Mr. Crame, ha!


D'you remember Rango?!!!
We retek atak nina?!!!
D'you know Vincent Dangko?

I know you Bangki,
Ipsiao apecqiao tiaps!
No money allowed for me
but I'm innocent


I lucky into you mind ha.
You better me mouse good ha.

Ngayon kung may kakilala kayo...
Kung kilala nyo mama ko,
kumalabit kayo kay mama,
sabihin nyo:

Kamp@t@nginang Channel 7 
Channel 2 ayaw papasukin,
pano takot sila!

P@tanang tong Nonoy Aquinong ito,
pupugutan ko ng ulo sa harapan nyo
yan ang laki ng atraso sa akin nyan.

Yung pinaka itlog ko
tsaka pinaka muscles ko
nilagay nya sa ilalim.

Istomach ko nilagay nya rito,
ang headfeet ko kita nyo wala nang kuko.
Eh pare pichick my three eyes, ha

My nose was put in the heart Men!
And my head put in my pubic hair,
it change easy.

And I cannot fix that, yah.
That's the demon from Vietnam ha.
Now he's a President?
Pu+@ng!n@ yan

Whatever I say ha,
a filipino is my friend... ;)

His words are somehow a hodge-podge of moods sewn together according to this writer. The first introductory statements showed that he's seriously doing a storytelling while on the latter goes angry-statements such as "Hey Batter!..." showed that he was reminding those who know the Marcoses whom, according to BongBong, gave him a "Shit of mind".

Weird isn't it for this writer to made this writeup as few dared to interpret what he was saying in the LRT station. His drug-laced story somehow showed a dystopic world he was trying to convey to everyone (although few listened and most tend to laugh or aloof at him), to hear he speaking about sophisticated weaponries, compared the Philippines to Israel and Germany, Golds over Malacanang, even he himself undergone torture with his head full of pubic hair rather made everyone thinks of him as crazy out of getting drugged many times by meth.

Anyways, that video rather catapulted to a degree of "popularity" aside from the earlier one showed in GMA's "Inbestigador"; that, through his wordplay showed a hodgepodge of illusions, dreams, ideas and stupidities that, out of getting drugged so many times, everyone thinks "how come he spoke english nearly well with the help of drugs?" least he admit that he himself took drugs (meth) with his memory (mory, as what BongBong said in that video) "poured over", or rather say his mind got "fried" by drugs that made him crazy.

But then, to interpret his words meant a world that is dystopic and strange to everybody's imagination to think; except that most widely accepted that President Aquino as a "Demon", but how about the Magnafanta Computer? Someone googled over that "Magnafanta" only to see a computer game and a computer shop named after what BongBong Gising stated. Carriedo (or Camiedo) had even no missiles underground nor Malacanang had golds from Colombia;  and to think that channels 7 and 2 didn't mind him in what he was saying, he was even shown in the former's program "Inbestigador" as a drug user, for sure everyone would say that "he had a taste of media from channel 7, so how come he said that channels 7 (and 2) didn't mind him?"

Well, this writer would say that in this strange world, one or some would create a dystopic one that is strange,  impossible, or as others may think of, crazy.

Jack London's Iron Heel, Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games, Harry Harrison's Make Room! Make Room! and others are the by-products of what everyone sees of nowadays-the predominance of the liesure class, the rampant use of technology, intense competition, overpopulation and production tied for a specific class or trade paved way for intense exploitation  that perhaps resorted to someone else's means of revolt against the modern world.

It's not their fault why there are "crazy people" who are making fan-fictions of dystopia out of reality. Yes, people may have admired Jack London and Suzanne Collins, yet BongBong Gising's statement seemed to be given both hilarity and scorn as it shows a mockery of an overtly interpreted "future" that is, laced with drugs and personal problems and interests. It perhaps rather inappropriate for him to speak all aloud in front of the public, especially in a train rather than to write it instead and make it into a book; it is also a mockery of sentiments that perhaps trying to convey an uncertain future...will it be similar to what that person said? Will it be like a conclusion similar to "Solyent Green" as "People"?

Anyways, let others tend to interpret what he was saying in the LRT station the way most tend to read Suzanne Collins and others that is unusual in a Filipino psyche.

At least everyone would admit also that "Noynoy Aquino" is a "Demon".

Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Even the greasy person reads and reflects a lot"

"Even the greasy person reads and reflects a lot"


It was early evening when this writer took a shot of this person reading something.

He seems to be enjoying reading a pocketbook while fornicating, was he reading a pocketbook whose story   was full of eroticism? Maybe-that made this person took a shot and left away, in danger of having his camera stole or made the one reading got an ire and make a fiasco out of it.

Anyways, nothing happened after that action taken.

In fact, it is quite rare for a greasy person, a hobo, or the poorest of the poor who engage in reading such as this; usually we see them sleeping or reflecting something, trying to escape from an hell of a kind world such as this, and yet still living by craving what is edible in their eyes and mouths driven in hunger.


This writer was seemingly quite concerned about these people. Indeed they are driven crazy and it is weird to get concerned over them, but does it mean it is not right to get concerned over these long-suffering people? In fact most of them are driven crazy due to the problems they've difficultly tried to carry on and instead tending to escape on it, otherwise a result from their drug addiction, especially meth that made their minds "dried up" to nothing.

Yes, these people are strange in everybody's eyes, most scorn and treat them as objects of curiosity,  yet how come that person on the first photo had time to read a pocketbook? Is there any a figment of sanity that made this person do so?

From the main thoroughfares of Recto, Quezon Boulevard, Espana, these people perhaps is the Philippines' own "untouchable" class. Few would dare to admit these people and rehabilitate, as most rather treat them with scorn.

Living in near-savagery and surviving through scavenge, this writer would say that these are rather trying to escape the modern-day inferno what Julius Evola hath spoken. Most tend to experiment themselves in meth and other kinds of drugs, the pain in their mindsets made themselves in a condition that is "dried up" becoming both victims and monsters in everyone's eyes.

Weird isn't it that this writer made about this hell of a kind writeup? It all reminds of what Julius Evola hath said, that:

"man lacks the ability to become fully realized." 

Indeed, that in a fast-changing world, of everyone becoming a mere creature driven by a cycle of consumer goods, it is common to see there are people trying to escape in it; they've been experimenting themselves with doses of their own soma, wanting happiness so to speak (sorry Huxley), yet still despite all of their efforts to achieve an impossible dream of self-realization, they fail.

This writer rather say that the never ending control of the rotten system also created these so-called "trash" that they tried to capture, imprison, rehabilitate or perhaps experimenting them. The endless delirium of narcotics, narcissism, the decadence of materialism made humanity tries its best to escape if not to revolt; that perhaps this writer's mentor, Lǔ Xùn say that the norms, mores, traditions and contemporary kinds of crap around the society brings conclusion that everyone around the society as potential man-eaters; that made Lǔ Xùn, through his "Madman's diary" brought a message that is "revolt against tradition."

That, until today most dared to become rebellious against the system and the "tradition" what the system tends to foster everyone over. The hobos, greasy persons are merely victims that made themselves contemplate, reflect over and over as it tries to escape from this "living world" of ours the way those person from above do so; their foul mouthed sentiments and moves meant something everyone, even this writer tries to understood if not shooking it off and treating it as a minor, harassing matter.

Anyways, worth admitting that the world is fast becoming hell for everyone, as the latter is willing to revolt against it-by breaking the norm that is, binding and reducing the fury into a mere sentiment, dream that is worth throwing like garbage. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

"Jella D Yoza" -a description of a last 'daring' Odalisque

"Jella D Yoza"
-A description of a last 'daring' Odalisque

Hipsters today love to take pictures for sake, but Jella perhaps would show the right way.

Well, to begin with over, this writeup is not entirely a continuation of an earlier one that tackles about camwhores, photography as a fad and attacks on "art for art's sake" ethic, as this topic focus entirely about a girl who tries to make her works "meaningful"-despite those who tend to think of it as merely "pornographic" (or 'delicious' rather).

As she, coming from the German region of Westphalia, Jella D Yoza somehow tends to make herself appealing to everyone both Deutsche and Filipino, especially that she lives in a land whom she described as a "fairy tale end came true." Quite nice isn't she as a Deutsche-Filipina then, so why not she also feature the beauty that is Westfalen!

And contrary to others who think of her as a "snobbish" person, Jella is somehow quite friendly and approachable despite her pictures that made some people think entirely as naughty. "I think theres nothing wrong with it." Jella said, "I'm doing it as an art...(and I'm doing it) because it makes me feel good."

That perhaps in this writeup would further elaborate what this beautiful Odalisque tells about over.

Differentiating expression and impression, art and (people mistaken as) porn
-regarding Jella D Yoza's pictures and "sexy" stuffs

Since through her pictures unveils expressions rather than mere attentions, Jella tends to unveil beauty and youth as its meaning behind it; she loves to show her curvaceous body and describe it as 'sexy', however, in feedbacks related to the pictures taken, most tend to think of it rather as overtly seductive as perverts tend to think of entirely. "If they're going to consider those pics as nudity or what." Jella said. "Or if they're going to consider me as a BITCH!"

Indeed, she puts reason behind those pictures commonly described as "sexy." In fact, she's even planning to have nude photography also. If so, then why not? She even justified having pictures featuring sexy figures as "details of how god created a beautiful humanity." And somehow those pictures Jella done tends to carry message other than the usual seductive matter. "It isn't always about for likes and fucking nudity." as what she said. "Its about being classy for every woman's vanity."

However, despite putting "sexiness" over the maiden's very own pictures, these aren't pornographic to think of-since she tries to make it artistic other than attention getting, but why the perversion as others tend to interpret subjectively? It doesn't mean she's doing it for sake unlike those who tend to do it merely for attention getting, as Jella even thinks of below 18 year olds doing "sexy pics" for sake (an alibi rather) as strange, same as those who hurriedly requesting for "fansigns" without patience as what Jella thinks of.

On popularity, posers, and other talents (to unveil of)

Anyways, in regards to the growing recognition, and perhaps popularity of this one of a kind maiden, Jella rather chose to remain humble. She's a down to earth person despite having more subscribers and friends in her Facebook profile, she even differentiate fans from subscribers so is subscribers from friends; and to think about popularity, she also differentiate those who remained humble and those who not: "Those who are 'popular' doesn't know how to owe a debt of gratitude. Will they be famous if not for these people? Will they be recognize? They didn't know that without their support they can't achieve what they've become."

Same as the posers who pretend they're 'Jella D Yoza' in Facebook. "Some of them are boastful...others  even mistaken me for a poser too."

Well, regardless of the popularity and the ones who tend to malign and heckle, Jella somehow tends to make her art meaningful as its priority. Obviously, there is a need to sort what is artistic and what is not in regards to the pictures taken, pictures are not even made entirely to impress but rather to express as it speaks 'louder' than words more than ever as of these days. 

As Jella said:

"There is nothing wrong in making artworks, but for the sake of popularity and likes? Never! Instead there will be bad stuffs and mudslings to throw against you...And for all of that, the best thing that they should have and the best advice that I could give is that "BE READY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES. Do those things if you're RESPONSIBLE AND BRAVE enough to face the consequences. BE REAL!"

Indeed, be real as what that maiden said so, but obviously few would dare to act realistic in a world of pretensions as expected. In fact, she's not simply contented in looking at the lens and take shots all the time to express herself; as other than photography, she loves to sing and dance as part of her youthful, rebellious, expression: from folk dance, jazz, hiphop, and other kinds of moves willing to move upon, Jella described herself as having a flexible body the way she carries in her self-portraits despite needing for a good choreography; and as for music, she carries a good voice that also needs some coaching (well, this writer perhaps would help her support in her career then, why not? He had friends in the music industry too!). She even described herself as a "Maria Clara" although most tend to look at her as "Maria Ozawa," why not "Asia Agcaoili" instead? "Way to go Jella!" as what this writer would say about this (that perhaps serves as a break too).

As of these days, Jella D Yoza continues to do photography as her art, for sure she may also take time not  to limit her craft entirely to her 'self-portraits' such as the ones shown in this writeup; and she also wants everyone to wait for another set of pictures, perhaps this or next year; "depending on the setting and the want" so to think of, after all, she'll always be nice, lovely and sweet that will make your heart watered over with love.

That hence, made this writer describe Jella as a "Vixen of the Day." With drawings to be featured all based on her appearance.

And to this lovely Jella D Yoza, Good luck, there are more artworks to be done, all inspired.

For now, here's the video feat. the song "Madchen in Uniform" by the band Nachtmahr.