Saturday, 5 May 2012

"Jella D Yoza" -a description of a last 'daring' Odalisque

"Jella D Yoza"
-A description of a last 'daring' Odalisque

Hipsters today love to take pictures for sake, but Jella perhaps would show the right way.

Well, to begin with over, this writeup is not entirely a continuation of an earlier one that tackles about camwhores, photography as a fad and attacks on "art for art's sake" ethic, as this topic focus entirely about a girl who tries to make her works "meaningful"-despite those who tend to think of it as merely "pornographic" (or 'delicious' rather).

As she, coming from the German region of Westphalia, Jella D Yoza somehow tends to make herself appealing to everyone both Deutsche and Filipino, especially that she lives in a land whom she described as a "fairy tale end came true." Quite nice isn't she as a Deutsche-Filipina then, so why not she also feature the beauty that is Westfalen!

And contrary to others who think of her as a "snobbish" person, Jella is somehow quite friendly and approachable despite her pictures that made some people think entirely as naughty. "I think theres nothing wrong with it." Jella said, "I'm doing it as an art...(and I'm doing it) because it makes me feel good."

That perhaps in this writeup would further elaborate what this beautiful Odalisque tells about over.

Differentiating expression and impression, art and (people mistaken as) porn
-regarding Jella D Yoza's pictures and "sexy" stuffs

Since through her pictures unveils expressions rather than mere attentions, Jella tends to unveil beauty and youth as its meaning behind it; she loves to show her curvaceous body and describe it as 'sexy', however, in feedbacks related to the pictures taken, most tend to think of it rather as overtly seductive as perverts tend to think of entirely. "If they're going to consider those pics as nudity or what." Jella said. "Or if they're going to consider me as a BITCH!"

Indeed, she puts reason behind those pictures commonly described as "sexy." In fact, she's even planning to have nude photography also. If so, then why not? She even justified having pictures featuring sexy figures as "details of how god created a beautiful humanity." And somehow those pictures Jella done tends to carry message other than the usual seductive matter. "It isn't always about for likes and fucking nudity." as what she said. "Its about being classy for every woman's vanity."

However, despite putting "sexiness" over the maiden's very own pictures, these aren't pornographic to think of-since she tries to make it artistic other than attention getting, but why the perversion as others tend to interpret subjectively? It doesn't mean she's doing it for sake unlike those who tend to do it merely for attention getting, as Jella even thinks of below 18 year olds doing "sexy pics" for sake (an alibi rather) as strange, same as those who hurriedly requesting for "fansigns" without patience as what Jella thinks of.

On popularity, posers, and other talents (to unveil of)

Anyways, in regards to the growing recognition, and perhaps popularity of this one of a kind maiden, Jella rather chose to remain humble. She's a down to earth person despite having more subscribers and friends in her Facebook profile, she even differentiate fans from subscribers so is subscribers from friends; and to think about popularity, she also differentiate those who remained humble and those who not: "Those who are 'popular' doesn't know how to owe a debt of gratitude. Will they be famous if not for these people? Will they be recognize? They didn't know that without their support they can't achieve what they've become."

Same as the posers who pretend they're 'Jella D Yoza' in Facebook. "Some of them are boastful...others  even mistaken me for a poser too."

Well, regardless of the popularity and the ones who tend to malign and heckle, Jella somehow tends to make her art meaningful as its priority. Obviously, there is a need to sort what is artistic and what is not in regards to the pictures taken, pictures are not even made entirely to impress but rather to express as it speaks 'louder' than words more than ever as of these days. 

As Jella said:

"There is nothing wrong in making artworks, but for the sake of popularity and likes? Never! Instead there will be bad stuffs and mudslings to throw against you...And for all of that, the best thing that they should have and the best advice that I could give is that "BE READY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES. Do those things if you're RESPONSIBLE AND BRAVE enough to face the consequences. BE REAL!"

Indeed, be real as what that maiden said so, but obviously few would dare to act realistic in a world of pretensions as expected. In fact, she's not simply contented in looking at the lens and take shots all the time to express herself; as other than photography, she loves to sing and dance as part of her youthful, rebellious, expression: from folk dance, jazz, hiphop, and other kinds of moves willing to move upon, Jella described herself as having a flexible body the way she carries in her self-portraits despite needing for a good choreography; and as for music, she carries a good voice that also needs some coaching (well, this writer perhaps would help her support in her career then, why not? He had friends in the music industry too!). She even described herself as a "Maria Clara" although most tend to look at her as "Maria Ozawa," why not "Asia Agcaoili" instead? "Way to go Jella!" as what this writer would say about this (that perhaps serves as a break too).

As of these days, Jella D Yoza continues to do photography as her art, for sure she may also take time not  to limit her craft entirely to her 'self-portraits' such as the ones shown in this writeup; and she also wants everyone to wait for another set of pictures, perhaps this or next year; "depending on the setting and the want" so to think of, after all, she'll always be nice, lovely and sweet that will make your heart watered over with love.

That hence, made this writer describe Jella as a "Vixen of the Day." With drawings to be featured all based on her appearance.

And to this lovely Jella D Yoza, Good luck, there are more artworks to be done, all inspired.

For now, here's the video feat. the song "Madchen in Uniform" by the band Nachtmahr.